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Custom Roller Blinds for Unique Interiors by NZ Blinds
14 May 2015
Custom Roller Blinds for Unique Interiors by NZ Blinds
1. History: If the popularity of this year’s 100th Anzac Day commemorations and the interest in exhibitions like Weta and Te Papa’s Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War has shown us anything, it’s that there is still a huge interest in this country’s history. Explore your family’s past and go digging in the archives of your local museum or newspaper to see if you can find old photographs or pieces of writing which may be able to be turned into an image and put on to a customised roller blind.
2. Bring the outside in: More than ever during the winter months, New Zealanders find themselves craving a bright summery day. Go and rummage through your photo files to find something which you could put on to a roller blind in your kitchen, office or kid’s room and bring a bit of sunshine into your home. Sand, pohutukawas in bloom and wide seascapes usually do the trick!
3. “Mampering”: The latest craze for the metrosexual male usually involves exfoliation and facial moisturisers – but why not “mamper” yourself or the man in your life by creating a man cave out of the den. A customised roller blind becomes the perfect centrepiece.
4. Colonial-style bathroom: Free-standing, claw-foot baths and period features like mirrors and cabinetry can cost you a small fortune, but an affordable way to get a really great look to your bathroom is to find a design which works for you and have it transferred on to your window blind.
5. The royal treatment: Whether it’s a new baby or a prince’s visit – the British royal family never seem to go out of fashion so why not show your loyalty to the crown by sticking their royal crest (or even their faces) on a blind.
6. Flagging interest: Will we change our flag or won’t we? Why not show your loyalty to the old familiar design – or come up with your own new version – by showing it in your windows each and every day.
7. Get your child to do it: There was a time when your kids’ drawings used to get posted up on the fridge door – now, with our custom-designed blinds – you can decorate your home with them.
8. Vintage fashion: Second-hand shopping has never been cooler – but who really wants a second-hand pair of curtains or roller blind? With a little bit of trickery thanks to Instagram filters, of course, you can make any photo look as if it was taken by your great-grandfather.
9. Maps: Old maps, new maps, Google maps, contour maps, road maps, sailing charts… the list goes on. They’re all cool and all look great on a blind.
10. Rugby: At the moment, the Webb Ellis trophy is ours. But will it still be on October 31 this year when the Rugby World Cup takes place in England? Show your support with a photo of the trophy, your favourite player or the whole team transferred onto your window blinds.