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Venetian Blinds and Roller Blinds for Warmer Winters
1 May 2015
Venetian Blinds and Roller Blinds for Warmer Winters

New Zealand conditions during the colder months throw up almost every conceivable challenge for furnishing your home and choosing the right way to dress your windows.

But from the “winter-less” north where the sun glares low in the sky, to the high country in the South Island where the temperatures plummet, you’ll always find a venetian blind or roller blind to suit your style and fix your 

1. Insulation: The thermal Palm Beach roller blind offers the same energy efficiency as thermal drapes but all blackout and thermal blinds offer homes and businesses the ability to control the amount of heat and light in a room. Maximum efficiency comes from installing dual blinds with a white reflective side facing the warmer side and a dark absorbing side facing the cooler side - hence white would face outwards during summer and inwards in winter.

2. Fit for purpose: Well-fitted blinds, mounted near the glass and as snug to the wall or recess as possible, trap the cold air between the window and the blind creating a barrier which prevents the warm air from escaping. According to the Government's Energywise website, well-fitted blinds can reduce heat loss through single-glazed windows by up to 60% and through double-glazed windows by 40-50%.

3. Catch the rays: The main difficulty with drapes and curtains is that they’re all or nothing, meaning that if it’s one of New Zealand’s famed clear, cold and sunny winter days, you have to either let the light in or keep the cold out. A sunscreen roller blind lets you control the amount of sunlight which comes into a room so you can trap heat during the day which will help keep your home warmer in the evening without having to turn up that temperature gauge on the heating.

4. Cut out on the glare: From late autumn through to early spring, the sun is always pretty low in the New Zealand sky – especially the further south you live. This means that you’re far more likely to have to cope with glare on television or computer screens, or even that annoying reflection in the window while you’re in the kitchen! Sunscreens used doubled up with blackout blinds are perfect for living and working spaces where you still want light in the room but don’t want to have to completely draw the curtains. A good tip to use with venetian blinds is to adjust them to reflect the sunlight on to light-coloured ceilings – this will help diffuse the light but keep the room bright.

5. Treat your home to a mid-winter Christmas present: These long winter months are the perfect time to settle down on a good home project – without having to waste precious time at the beach! Have a look around your home and see if there’s any rooms which might need a spruce up – a customised roller blind is a great way to create a centrepiece in any room.