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10 Reasons Why Blinds Are Best for Apartment Living
16 April 2015
10 Reasons Why Blinds Are Best for Apartment Living

Whether we like it or not, New Zealand is becoming busier and busier and more people are having to come to terms with living in small spaces.

Whether it’s your first step on the property ladder, a shared flat, a city apartment or your choice to downsize from a large family home, an apartment brings different challenges to decorating and furnishing.

But blinds of all kinds – venetian, rollerblinds or vertical – can offer the perfect solution. So here’s our 10-point guide:

1. Space: The biggest challenge of apartment living is making the best and most efficient use of minimal space. Rather than heavy curtains which clutter a room and need to be drawn morning and night, blinds fit neatly into a window recess and retract or roll into a clean, slim line shape.

2. Perception of space: As well as the actual space which curtains and drapes take up, they also give a cluttered feel to a room. The crisp, clean lines of venetian blinds and roller blinds help give an apartment the feeling of lightness and roominess.

3. Lighting: By using a combination of sun shades and blackout roller blinds you can give even the darkest, pokiest room a feeling of airiness and light without having to resort to switching on lamps throughout the day.

4. Heating: Rather than the all-or-nothing approach to insulation and heating which curtains provide, mixing sun shades with thermally insulated roller blinds gives you the best of both worlds. You can cut out the glare while letting the sun’s warming rays through and then trap the warmth in the room.

5. Privacy: Apartment living often means rubbing shoulders pretty closely with your neighbours – venetian blinds give you a quick and easy way to shut out the world.

6. Style: Because they come in a wide range of colours and styles – from modern aluminium and coloured faux-wood venetians, to wooden venetians and classic fabric roller blinds – there’s always a blind to suit every fashion and taste.

7. Customised: If you really want to stamp your own look on your apartment, you can make a real statement with a customised roller blind. Check out our easy-to-follow guide for turning your own image or pattern into your own customised blind.

8. Easy-fit: If you’re looking to decorate or furnish your own apartment, nothing could be more simple than measuring up and fitting blinds yourself. Check out our how-to video and guide here.

9. Clever room divider: If you’re more adventurous about how you divide up your space in an apartment, why not consider hanging vertical blinds or roller blinds in the middle of a room to partition off a sleeping or work area.

10. Price: Because budget is often a key consideration when it comes to fitting out a flat, NZ Blinds offers a great online service which saves you time and money.