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Find the Right Blinds for Every Season and Any Weather
21 April 2015
Find the Right Blinds for Every Season and Any Weather

Nothing consumes Kiwis more than the weather.

We check the forecasts to make sure our barbeques can go ahead, if we can put the washing out, or if the kids’ will get to their Saturday sports– but then we complain when our forecasters fail to get it right for our particular suburb or town.

Fact is, though, that forecasting the weather in New Zealand is extremely difficult with even Chris Brandolino, meteorologist at the National Institute for Water and Atmosphere where they use a supercomputer to help with their predictions, saying that: “In smaller areas people expect finer detail and you have to know how the landscape affects places; there are microclimates across the country which makes a more general forecast more difficult.”

So, if even multi-million dollar supercomputers and highly trained government scientists struggle with predictions, how can you make sure your home is well kitted out for anything Mother Nature wants to dish out?

Here’s our rough guide to a year’s worth of New Zealand weather and the best blinds to cope.

Summer: December to February brings high temperatures and bright sunshine throughout the country. Days are long and sunny while nights can be mild and muggy. Having roller blinds or venetian blinds helps you cut out the glare when you want to watch television during the day, or if you have an office computer; while they also offer privacy at night if you need to leave a window open to help create a draught during those restless, humid hours. Niwa warns the “midday summer solar radiation index (UVI) is often very high in most places and can be extreme in northern New Zealand and in mountainous areas” meaning you’ll want roller blinds to help protect UVI damage to furniture and fabrics.

Autumn: March to May brings lower temperatures in the South, although the North tends to remain warm until April. And amongst the sunny days, it’s possible to have the odd really cold snap. This is where the flexibility of double thermal blinds and sunscreens come in. Autumn is also a wonderful season in New Zealand – especially in the lower North Island and South Island – for beautiful views as the trees’ leaves change colour and fall: if you have a wonderful view from your home, venetian blinds or sunscreen roller blinds give you the chance to have privacy while also giving you the chance to see out.

Winter: June to August brings colder weather and more rain to the North Island, but plunging temperatures, snow – but often very little rainfall – to parts of the South Island. Thermal rollerblinds work wonderfully well for homes throughout New Zealand, although for areas where it’s often bright, cold and sunny, you might want to combine them with sunscreens because the sun is very low in the sky during this time of year and produces a lot of glare.

Spring: September to November can be a real mixed bag in New Zealand bringing storms and icy blasts from the south, as well as long periods of warm, dry weather. The UVI index climbs during Spring so it’s important to cut out any glare that might affect your furnishings, but it’s also important to have the flexibility to be able to pull down a thermal rollerblind for cold nights. Of course spring is also the time when our minds turn to cleaning, and springcleaning is never easier than if your home is fitted with venetian blinds – whether wood, faux wood or aluminium.