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Back to bach: Key design tips for your beach house
30 April 2015
Back to bach: Key design tips for your beach house

Slap bang in the middle of another gorgeously hot summer and many Kiwis are either considering whether it’s time to splash out on a small house by the sea, or how to jazz up the old family bach they’ve been visiting for years.

Because we’re largely a coastal community here in New Zealand, we have a strong affinity to the sea and like to spend a lot of our spare time by the beach. This has created a strong family link to old baches – but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring them up to date with a little forethought and very little cost.

Here’s our four-point guide to decorating your perfect bach.

1.       Be practical: Let’s face it, your bach is going to be the place where kids run in sand from the beach; where aunties, uncles, cousins and friends want to turn up unannounced or borrow for the odd weekend; where you’re as likely to be dealing with a freshly caught snapper for tea as an impromptu barbeque when the neighbours turn up. The No1 key to coping with all this potential for chaos while still having a good summer holiday, is to keep things simple and practical in terms of decoration. Make sure surfaces are easy to clean and you have good storage for everything which will need packing away at the end of the season. And when it comes to your windows, choose venetian blinds for kitchen, bathroom and living areas as they’re simple to keep clean and sunscreen and blackout rollerblinds for sleeping areas.

2.       A good vintage: Decorating a bach can be heaps of fun because you really want to stamp your own family’s identity on a place where so many people are going to gather for fun times. The first place to look is your own home – there’s bound to be old things shoved in attics or left round at other family’s homes which remind you of past holidays. Have a good look for old photos and see if you can have them transferred on to designer rollerblinds for a great way to set the tone. Alternatively you can trawl through bric-a-brac and antique shops for old bits of furniture or old pictures and paintings to decorate the walls.

3.       DIY: A family bach is very much a hands-on affair. That relaxed feel to your second home means that everyone is likely to want to pitch in and help decorate – whether that means a working-bee to get the walls painted or the deck re-oiled, or whether that means making driftwood sculptures for the front garden. NZ Blinds’ self-measuring service means that you are in charge of the look and fit of your blinds throughout your bach – just as it should be.

4.       Relax in style: Most baches can be categorised as “shabby chic” when it comes to style although there are plenty of other options such as “retro surfer”, Californian, sleek and contemporary or Mediterranean villa. Whatever your style, there’s bound to be a great option from NZ Blinds to suit your taste – why not turn to designer rollerblinds to make a bold statement, or choose a wooden or faux wood venetian blind for a more relaxed (but practical) solution.