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Case Study: Ordering Roller Blinds at Christmas
30 May 2015
Case Study: Ordering Roller Blinds at Christmas

As New Zealand heads into the depths of winter and the nightly weather reports start highlighting snow, gails and high seas, we thought we’d add a little sunshine to your lives.                                        

When we were first contacted by Robyn to help supply window blinds for Rarotonga’s Crystal Blue Lagoon Villas, we thought we might just have to pay them a visit – but unfortunately the downside to NZ Blinds being such a smooth operation means that their online ordering and delivery went without a hitch, even though it was over the busy Christmas holiday period.

They’ve got some special winter offers at the moment though, so we might still have to pay them a visit to see how everything’s worked out!

In the meantime, we thought we’d let Robyn share her experience of using the NZ Blinds website to order blinds for the business.

Q)Where and when did you first come across the NZ Blinds website and why did you choose them over alternative methods for buying window blinds?
A) Our villas have clean modern lines and we initially didn’t want to “spoil” the look with curtains/window coverings. However realising that our guests would need window coverings (especially at night) we decided on blinds. There are no shops or manufacturers selling window coverings in Rarotonga, so all purchasing is done via the internet.  I researched and came across only a few New Zealand companies who allow you to purchase online.  The main issue I faced, was companies who insisted on doing their own measure/quote, which is of course something we could not do.  I emailed three different companies for quotes. NZ Blinds was prompt and, although not the cheapest option, they gave a comprehensive quote, including explanations of blind fabrics.

Q) What types of blinds did you order?  
A) We have four villas and ordered 12 blinds. Our villas are concrete with a recessed window cut into the brick… however we needed versatile blinds which could be an Inside or an Outside fitting, because, due to partial louvres inside the window frames, not all windows were the same, but we wanted the same universal look

Q) How was your experience of using the NZ Blinds website?
A) Due to the comprehensive quote, including detailed explanations of the fabric, we put our trust in NZ Blinds. We wanted our order processed quickly (this was over Christmas/New Year) and freighting takes additional time, so we decided not to wait for samples to be sent/received, and just rely on the information he provided. His website was professional, as were the dealings I had with him, so we felt confident that he understood our needs and what we were trying to achieve. We chose an ICE colour, which also meant that we couldn’t go too far wrong on the colour choice.

Q) What processes did you follow to measure up the villas to make sure the blinds fitted properly and who did you get to install them?
A) We measured each window twice, and also researched through various websites (including NZ Blinds) on the correct way to measure. We were fairly confident we had measured correctly and the advantage of choosing blinds which could be an Inside or Outside fitting gave us some assurance that we could make it work. Luckily, the blinds fitted perfectly and we fitted them ourselves.

Q) What was the time frame between first contacting NZ Blinds and actually having them all fitted at your villas?
A) My initial online enquiry was on the 17th December 2014 and the blinds were ready to be freighted on the 22nd January 2015 – this includes their manufacturing division being closed for two weeks over Christmas! So taking that into consideration, it was very fast!

Q) Were there any challenges you had to overcome while working with NZ Blinds?
A) Not at all – they were easy to deal with, prompt, professional and reliable. The quality of the blinds was as described and exactly what we wanted – perfect.

Q)Would you recommend NZ Blinds to other businesses looking to source blinds online? 
A) Most definitely, I highly recommend using them!