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10 Ways Motorised Roller Blinds Can Revolutionise Your Home Or B
5 August 2015
10 Ways Motorised Roller Blinds Can Revolutionise Your Home Or B

We keep hearing about the home of the future and how you’ll be able to control everything from your mobile phone – and at NZ Blinds, we’re helping you head in the right direction with our motorised roller blinds.

Whatever light or privacy levels you want now, you can get at the flick of a switch on a remote control – nothing could be easier. So if you need any inspiration to help you either retrofit motors on your existing roller blinds or choose new motorised roller blinds to replace your old-fashioned curtains or blinds, here’s our 10-point guide to how they can revolutionise your home or business.

1.      Nothing could be more chic: Just picture yourself lying in bed, relaxing on the couch in front of your favourite TV show, or entertaining friends to dinner – how cool is it to know that as evening falls, or as the sun drops down to shine directly into your room, you can adjust your blinds simply by using a remote control? And because you can organise your system to suit your home, you can be sure that you blinds will rise and fall at the same rate and to the same level to give you that perfect show-home look. If you’re at all worried about the noise, then be assured that the Uniflex and Somfy motors we use produce less than 35db – pretty much somewhere between a whisper and a hum.

2.      Cool home makeover: Thinking about making over one room or even the whole house? Just think how many great uses you can think of for having motorised roller blinds. They’re the perfect accessory for any home movie theatre, they’re the ideal look for a bedroom where you don’t necessarily want to be parading in front of the window to open and close curtains or blinds. And you know that motorised roller blinds take up no more room than regular roller blinds and the super-sleek remote can sit perfectly in its wall-bracket so it doesn’t clutter up a room.

3.      Difficult-to-reach windows: Most homes and businesses have windows which aren’t covered simply because they’re in hard to reach places. You don’t want long chains hanging down which can get tangled up and cause safety hazards, so chances are you’ve let those windows just stay uncovered. And even if you do have blinds or curtains fitted, it’s either a hassle to open and close them, or you just never get around to doing it. But by fitting motorised blinds, you get the total privacy option as well as screening out that annoying sun glare at different times of the day.

4.      Future-proofing: Your motorised roller blinds can be controlled by wall switches, timers, remotes or even home automation systems. Quite simply, fitting them now means you’ll be able to roll with the times as more and more practical labour-saving devices come on the market. And knowing there’s such a range of control options out there gives you the chance to use your blinds as a security measure – simply set a timer so they open and close each day while you’re on holiday and you’ll make sure the house is looking as if someone’s home.

5.      Practicality: If mobility is an issue, then motorised roller blinds are a great option. One of the first sets which NZ Blinds set up was for owner Phil Gilmour’s mother so she could close her blinds from the comfort of her bed – the blind was even custom-designed with a photo of the Auckland skyline at night! Motorised roller blinds are a great bonus for the elderly, for people in rest homes or for people with mobility issues.

6.      When time = money: Roller blinds and sun screens are already a must-have for many businesses to cut out the glare from the sun on computer screens. But if you’ve got a large open-plan office, the last thing you want is time wasted every day, while someone goes around lowering and raising the roller blinds whenever the sun comes out or goes in again. Because you can control multiple blinds from a single remote control, motorised roller blinds are the perfect labour-saving device for any office space.

7.      Retail screens: NZ Blinds has already been asked to supply blinds for a retail company which wants to use them as internal shop-floor screens to shield surplus stock from customers. By creating the screens with motorised roller blinds, the company is able to create a good-looking retail environment while also having a quick and effective means of accessing stock – all at the flick of a switch.

8.      Still have full range of roller blind choices: Because the way you use the NZ Blinds website to order blinds doesn’t change, you still have access to our full range of blackout roller blinds, thermal roller blinds, and sunscreen roller blinds. You can also still custom-design your own image for your blind, which makes them ideal for children’s rooms or to make a real statement in a lounge are, kitchen or bedroom.

9.      Flexibility: How you organise your motorised roller blinds is totally up to you. A single remote can control multiple blinds at once or individually, or you can have multiple remote controls for multiple blinds. You can design piggy-back systems so only sunshades are motorised and you can control the upper and lower levels to which the blinds are raised or lowered.

10.  Easy to install: Motorised blinds are suitable for most window types, old and new. If you’re building a new home then you can get the electrician to wire them in during the building process but even in an established building, there’s the option of battery-powered motors to keep that clean look. If you’re retro-fitting motors to existing blinds, talk to us first because there are a few different options. Otherwise, we have all the instructions about how to programme your remote, set upper and lower levels, frequently asked questions and full installation instructions on our website here.

For more information on how to order and fit motorised roller blinds in your home, email NZ Blinds on or contact us via the website.