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Blinds or Curtains?
14 October 2015
Blinds or Curtains?

Why Choose Blinds over Curtains

We admit it, we might be biased, but it is true, blinds are better than curtains in so many ways!  Here's our two cents from many years of experience in window dressings.

Measuring Up

It starts as soon as you are thinking about buying and determining the size you will need to order. Curtains have to be several times larger than your window to drape nicely when they are closed. But how many times larger should they be to achieve the right effect? Will they be too large, not large enough? With blinds, there is nothing of the sort. Measure your window, taking into account whether you want it to fit inside the recess or not, and that’s it. You can even cut them to size, which you wouldn’t dream of with curtains.


Blinds are also so much easier to care for. They won’t get dirty, and all they need is a wipe once in a while. Curtains, on the other hand, can get stained – think felt-tip pens – and their fabric will retain odours. Many of them are also dry clean only these days, which means costly cleaner bills.


In terms of durability, curtains have a tendency to fade in the sunlight, which is really bad news for us Kiwis, whereas blinds, with their outward side designed to block the light, will look better for longer.


Thermal blinds are also very energy efficient; blocking out the heat of the sun more thoroughly than curtains in summer and keeping the cold out in winter, without altering the look of your room with an additional layer of thermal fabric needed for curtains. That means savings on your energy bills. If you are after complete darkness, for a nursery for example, then blackout curtains can give you just that.


Then, there are the aesthetic considerations. Curtains are all very well, but the clean lines of blinds will give your interior a contemporary, clean look that curtains can’t achieve. In addition, blinds now come in a multitude of colours, style and patterns, so whether you need blinds for a living-room, a child’s bedroom, or would like something floral or stripey, you can find the perfect design. NZ blinds can even do custom prints for you if you want something truly unique.


In addition, blinds offer incredible versatility. Wooden, faux wood, aluminium, vertical, horizontal, or fabric, you will be spoiled for choice. They can also be adjusted very easily to let in just the right amount of light while protecting your privacy. Even better, with motorised blinds, you don’t even have to get up to do it, the press of a button on a handheld remote is all that is needed, which is perfect for people who have mobility issues.

So, under this overwhelming mountain of evidence, we rest our case: blinds are better than curtains!

If you need any advice on choosing the right blind for you or how to measure for it, have a look at our guides or contact the friendly and expert team at NZ Blinds for help.