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Christmas orders
23 October 2015
Christmas orders


Although we’ve only just put the clocks forward and the weather still has a bit of catching up to do this spring, at NZ Blinds we’re already having to think about Christmas.

Every year, our New Zealand factory closes down over Christmas (and after the huge year we’ve had in 2015, they’ll be wanting their break even more this December).

So in order to get your venetian blinds, sunshades and roller blinds ordered, manufactured and delivered in time for the Christmas break, you’re going to have to get your orders in pretty soon.

The key dates to remember are:

  • Last orders into NZ Blinds: End of October/first week of November
  • Factory shuts down: Second week of December
  • Factory starts up again: Around January 18

The NZ Blinds website will still be accepting orders throughout November and December and we’ll be processing those orders daily. But they will not be manufactured until the team is back on board mid-way through January and the orders will be carried out chronologically according to the date when they were submitted via the website.

At NZ Blinds we understand there’s always a rush to get everything right at home in time for Christmas and the long summer holidays, but if you’re thinking about getting blinds fitted, it’s really important that you contact us as soon as possible and place your order.

Some of the main reasons why people need their blinds heading into summer include:

  • Fitting out or re-decorating the bach or holiday home in time for the holidays.
  • Decorating the spare room in time for family visiting over Christmas.
  • Finishing off a new home so that it’s ready to move into by Christmas.
  • Re-decorating or fitting out a room as part of a spring clean.
  • Pre-ordering blinds so they can be fitted in a business during the summer shut-down.
  • Ordering the blinds in time for a DIY project you aim to accomplish over the summer holidays.
  • Buying customised designer roller blinds as a Christmas present – you can have old family photos printed on roller blinds or just something cool and fashionable for a child’s bedroom.
  • Upgrading your current window dressings with motorised roller blinds as a Christmas present to elderly relatives (or even just a present to yourself and your home!).

There’s nothing worse than missing out on a project or not having everything ready in time for Christmas – so if you are planning to order blinds soon, whether for your home or business, it’s important to contact NZ Blinds within the next few weeks. For more information or to get a quote, contact us at or via the website.