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The Advantages of Wood Blinds
5 November 2015
The Advantages of Wood Blinds

Fall in Love With the Many Advantages of Wooden Blinds

While many people choose plastic blinds as an inexpensive yet efficient window dressing, wooden blinds are worth considering as they offer so many advantages.

Wood is a wonderfully versatile material which adds texture and character to any room, bringing a natural, elegant element into your home, and the timeless beauty of wooden blinds means that they will never look outdated. The grain of the wood can be stained or enhanced with varnish, and you can even paint them if you want them to blend in seamlessly.

If you get bored of them after a few years or want to redecorate the room they are in, all you need to do to give them a new lease of life is slap on a coat of paint, whereas plastic or fabric blinds would just have to go in the bin. So, by choosing wooden blinds, you are doing your bit for the planet and living more sustainably. In addition, wooden blinds fit more styles of windows than plastic window shades.

As they are made from a wide range of timbers and also come in various slat sizes, you are sure to find blinds that achieve the perfect effect. if you are looking for wooden blinds to complement a casual decorating style, you might want to consider bamboo, while French blinds will work better for a more formal interior.

From a practical point of view, there is nothing not to like about wooden blinds. They are durable and will still look fresh after several years; they are lightweight, which makes them easy to install; and because their slates are wider than plastic blinds, cleaning and dusting them is quicker, as you can use a cloth and won’t need to take them down.

Wooden blinds are also the perfect solution for providing privacy. Some plastic blinds, Venetian blinds and vertical blinds are so thin that they only reduce the ability to see into a room from the outside with silhouettes being still visible, whereas wooden blinds will offer complete opacity so that you can enjoy peace in your home.

They also offer greater insulation properties and will block out sunlight -and therefore heat- better than fabric or plastic blinds which will surely be appreciated during hot Kiwi summers as well as keeping in the warmth in winter.

It is true that wooden blinds are somewhat more expensive than their plastic counterparts but they are an investment which will pay off. Plastic blinds can cheapen the look of an interior while wooden blinds will add to the value of your home, which will be particularly welcome when the time comes to sell it.

If you are considering buying wooden blinds, browse our wide range online. We offer three slat sizes in a generous choice of timbers, with UV block incorporated in the lacquer coating. And best of all, all the wood used to make then comes from sustainable forests.

Get started now on our online store to find the perfect blind for your home and windows with free delivery in NZ!