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School Visual Security
1 December 2015
School Visual Security

Why blinds are first choice for schools’ privacy and visual security

It’s a none-too pleasant part of our society – but security in and around schools is something which has become more and more important to New Zealanders.

And as schools, kindies and day-care centres head into the summer break, many will be looking at ensuring their premises are safe and secure from not only those wanting to break in, but those who want to see in too.

Quality roller blinds, venetian blinds and vertical blinds can be an important part of any building’s visual security – and when it comes to safeguarding schools and child-care centres, they play a three-fold role:


It’s important to safeguard the privacy of children in any school or child-care centre, and while many places will be equipped with security cameras and locked gates during opening hours, it’s just as important that windows can be controlled too.

By using a combination of blackout roller blinds or venetian blinds and sunshades, you can ensure all children in a room have the privacy they require without having to block out all of the light.


Schools are more and more likely to have IT equipment and valuable teaching aids, making them frequent targets for thieves.

By offering the visual security of blinds on all external windows, schools can limit the damage by preventing would-be thieves from seeing what’s on offer in classrooms and offices.

The number-one solution to preventing theft is to not leave your valuables on display and fitting blinds throughout a school provides a first step to ensuring important teaching and learning equipment is kept safe and secure.

Shoulder surfing and visual hacking

Despite hi-tech security’s importance in a digital age, the more traditional methods of fraud and theft – such as gaining information by looking over someone’s shoulder – are still just as important. In fact, when so many of us store their information on computers, the ability to gain access to their private information simply by learning a password is even more threatening.

In a situation such as a school where there is shared office space and large numbers of teachers and pupils, it’s especially important to do everything possible to create privacy where it’s required. A good first step is to install blinds on internal classroom windows and windows in office doors so that, when needed, prying eyes can be shut out.

If you’re interested in installing blinds for visual security, NZBlinds is the perfect place to start. You can bulk-order blinds for multiple classrooms and offices simply by using our online store – and there’s free delivery in NZ.