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Staying Cool In Summer Sun
14 December 2015
Staying Cool In Summer Sun

8 tips to staying cool in summer – without spending a fortune on aircon

New Zealand really can be a lovely place to live during summer – long days, perfect beaches, temperatures which are hot but not Aussie-style scorching – but that doesn’t mean we don’t all crave a nice cool escape from the sun.

Air conditioning is the simplest way to go to keep your home cool – but it can come back to bite you when you get those summer electricity bills (it’s one thing to need heating in the winter, but quite another to be forking out the same amount when the sun shines).

So here are a few ideas to keeping cool while saving cash:

  • Make the most of the night air: Keep your windows open at night to create a through breeze in your home. You can still create privacy by pulling down the blinds but the lighter material will allow more air to circulate than heavy curtain fabric.
  • Be clever with your blinds: Keeping your blackout blinds closed when the sun’s shining on the windows (especially on north-facing windows) can lower temperatures considerably – even a sunshade will cut out enough heat to cool a room dramatically. Angling venetian blinds so that the glare is kept out while a breeze still gets through will double the cooling effect too.
  • Learn how your ceiling fan works: A ceiling fan has two settings – a clockwise one which works well at lower speeds during colder seasons to help distribute heat around a room, and an anticlockwise one which works at higher speeds to create a cooling breeze.
  • Internal doors: Leaving them open during the night allows a through-breeze while shutting off rooms during the day can help keep individual rooms cooler to use as a retreat from the warmth.
  • Know some tricks: A standing fan blowing across a bowl full of ice gives an instant colling effect to a room; changing your sheets to cotton, swapping them regularly and choosing natural pillow fillings will help your bed feel cooler; freezing a hot-water bottle and taking it to bed and keeping your body cool with iced drinks and loose clothing will all help.
  • Use your other fans: Make sure you use your extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom to get rid of the hot, humid air caused by cooking and showering.
  • Cook outdoors: Kiwis love to barbecue but moving all those hot, smoky vapours and humid steam outside has the added bonus of keeping your kitchen cool.
  • Change your lightbulbs: As well as saving you money and helping save the planet, modern energy-saving lightbulbs give off around 90% less heat than incandescent bulbs – so you’ll save double the money on heating and lighting.

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