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2016 interior design trends
23 December 2015
2016 interior design trends

Ahead of the game: design trends for 2016

If you’re considering starting 2016 with a bit of a makeover for your home or simply by sprucing up a room or two, it’s great to be on top of the latest trends.

Because blinds offer such a flexible way to add decorative flair as well as functionality to a room, they ought to be an integral part of any design plans.

So here’s five broad-brush themes which are expected to be hot in 2016 (according to Victoria Redshaw from Scarlet Opus) and how you can use NZBlinds to help pull them off in your home.


As more and more of our lives is played out on the grand stage of social media, the expected trend for 2016 is to play with the idea of concealing and revealing. At home and in the workplace, that means providing more privacy – something for which blinds on all external windows and skylights are ideal – while perhaps playing with the concept by displaying digitally printed images of interiors on the outside of the blind and landscape images on the inside.

Modern Nomad

This concept plays on creativity and resourcefulness which is easily translated to fashion but a little harder to make work on interiors.

Victoria’s been quoted as saying “a mature society is one that can value something that isn’t expensive” and materials are likely to become “scattered and intermingled”. In terms of blinds that might mean using wooden or faux wood venetian blinds alongside more modern interiors and materials.

Rio Olympics

The world’s focus in 2016 is likely to be on the Rio Olympics in Brazil meaning that design trends will look towards a more vibrant and colourful carnival feel. Brazilian design also plays on the concept of repurposing and bringing interior fixtures into outdoor spaces.

In terms of using blinds to accomplish this, there are two great themes: the first is to incorporate bold floral or bird prints with custom-designed blinds, and the second is to revamp a garden room or outdoor space with traditional interior materials such as aluminium venetian blinds.

Luxury Nature

The usual tension between luxuriant fabrics and materials and more earthy natural, crafty features is brought together in this new design style for 2016. This means mixing metallic and natural fibre tones and playing with tapestry and weaving.

Again, by finding images which fool the eye you can use custom-designed blinds to give the impression of fabric, stonework or even tree bark in a room while still having the strong functionality and easy-clean finish of a traditional roller blind.

Natural Fantasy

2016 will see the release of the latest Avatar movie, which is expected to launch a new design trend influenced by exotic jungle and ocean colours, lush organic and futuristic floral patterns and strong blues, purples and pinks.

The material you choose for your blind can help play its part in developing this style in your home: potentially using a metallic aluminium venetian blind or a dark faux wood venetian finish, or, again, finding a bold opalescent image for a custom-design roller blind.

If you’re interested in starting 2016 with a new look for your home, visit NZ Blinds’ online store for all you need to know about measuring up and ordering blinds – and you can arrange a free quote and free delivery in NZ too.