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Blackout Blinds For Back-To-School
21 January 2016
Blackout Blinds For Back-To-School

Why Blackout Roller Blinds Are The Answer To Back-To-School Tiredness

While we’re all still enjoying the best of the summer weather, those back-to-school adverts on TV have already started ringing alarm bells for parents and kids.

And the threat of having to think about studying again raises all sorts of issues around children getting the right amount of sleep to help them cope with busy schedules, long school days and having to concentrate.

According to this article, which quotes research published in Evolutionary Anthropology, humans have evolved to have shorter bursts of quality deep sleep to ensure we’re at our most efficient – but that school-aged children still need 10 hours each night and teenagers need between nine and 10 hours.

There are all manner of distractions at this time of year which can contribute to schoolkids not getting enough sleep to guarantee they’re at peak-performance during their lessons:

  • During the summer months it is still light late at night – especially the further south you go in New Zealand.
  • Summer is geared up for leisure-time meaning that friends and family are likely to call around and stay late.
  • The more people are around and about, the more they are constantly updating social media – something which overstimulates the brain if used right before bedtime making it tough to fall asleep. (A survey reported in December found 70% of 16 to 19-year-olds used social media before bed – and they achieved 20% worse grades in tests compared with those who didn’t.)
  • Just as it’s lighter in the evening, so the sun rises earlier too during the summer making it all the more likely that kids will get up and about early – especially those who are sporty and want to train before classes. When it’s warmer in the mornings it’s also far easier to get up than those cold, chilly winter mornings.

Once schoolkids are tired it’s hard to break that cycle of staying up late, getting up early and being overstimulated before bedtime. But one way to try to give them the right conditions to sleep is to create a bedroom geared up around sleep.

A good start to this is to limit the use of mobiles, tablets, games and televisions in the bedroom to ensure children are in the right frame of mind to sleep when they go to bed, but another way is to fit the room with either blackout roller blinds or a combination of blackout blinds and sunshades.

Having the ability to shut out the light – whether that’s sunlight or the artificial lights you might have around your home – gives your child the best chance of a great night’s sleep and a better chance of succeeding in school.

The new year – especially the new school year – is a great time to think about redecorating a child’s room and there are plenty of blackout roller blind fabrics which can be customised in great designs to suit your child’s taste.

For more information on how to order and fit blackout roller blinds in your home, email NZ Blinds on or contact us via the website.