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New Year Resolutions
1 January 2016
New Year Resolutions

10 Reasons Your New Year's Resolutions Need To Include New Year’s Blinds

1. I want to save more money: Fitting thermal roller blinds, sunshades and venetian blinds can help save money in heating and air conditioning costs by allowing you to regulate the amount of light and heat getting into your home.

2. I’m going to be more environmentally friendly: All that saving money on heating and air con is also helping the environment by using less power.

3. I’m going to be more healthy: A great way to start being more healthy is to create a healthy home – ditching those old, musty, dust-trap curtains for easy-clean blinds is a great first step.

4. I’m going to do more DIY around the home: Measuring up and fitting blinds is a great job to do yourself – and it can save you money too. Follow our NZBlinds how-to guides and ordering process and you’ll have your home looking like you’ve head a major renovation in no time.

5. I’m finally going to create that guest bedroom: Having a room where you keep the Christmas decorations, that exercise bike you never use and a pile of cardboard boxes marked “fragile” or “favourite photo albums” is a waste of space. It doesn’t take much to convert it into a guest bedroom – and a great (and inexpensive) first step is to fit stylish new roller blinds.

6. I’m not going to forget mum/dad/nan/great uncle Pete’s birthday this year Pt1: Blinds might not seem the obvious choice, but fitting motorised roller blinds operated by remote control is the perfect gift for an elderly relative.

7. I’m not going to forget mum/dad/nan/great uncle Pete’s birthday this year Pt2: Or if you want to brighten up one of their rooms, why not get them a customised designer roller blind printed with a special family photo. This works brilliantly for kids’ rooms too where you can use designs based on favourite films, sports teams or hobbies.

8. I’m not going to stay up late and I’m going to get a good night’s sleep each night: The first step to getting a good night’s rest is to make your bedroom as comfortable and “sleep-friendly” as possible. As well as getting rid of distractions which might keep you awake, a good way to do this is to fit blackout roller blinds to keep the room nice and dark.

9. I’m going to redecorate the old family bach: It’s all very well enjoying the same mattresses, curtains and sofas that you and your parents probably enjoyed but nostalgia only goes so far. A bach renovation doesn’t want to cost an arm and a leg, so fitting easy-clean venetian blinds in all the wet spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, and roller blinds in the bedrooms and main rooms is a quick, easy and affordable option.

10. I’m going to treat the house to an on-trend makeover: With a choice of clean white, wooden or metallic venetian blinds and a whole range of options when it comes to roller blinds, sunshades and customised designer blinds, there’s a style to suit every taste. And if you want the ultimate in luxury and elegance, remote control motorised roller blinds are a great addition to any house.

For more information on how NZ Blinds can help you keep your New Year resolution, email us at or contact us via the website.