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Taking A Great Custom Blind Photo
17 February 2016
Taking A Great Custom Blind Photo

9 Steps To Taking The Perfect Photo For Your Customised Roller Blind

Being able to combine the ease and utility of a roller blind with the style and personalisation of your own choice of image makes NZ Blinds customised roller blinds and sunscreens the perfect choice for you home.

Inspiration for images can include old family photos, favourite places, sports teams, or simply high-quality photos you’ve taken yourself.

What would brighten up a child’s room or play area better than a smiling portrait in the window? Or why not get a beautiful sunny shot of the beach to go on blinds in your bach or your family bathroom? Or even a beautiful close-up of garden flowers to complement a cottage or village theme in your living room? The choices of photos are limitless when you know you can trust NZ Blinds to convert your image on to a top-quality roller blind or sunshade.

So the next step is making sure you take the perfect photo to suit your roller blind. Here’s our snap happy guide to getting the best results from your camera.

1) Make sure your equipment is up to it. Your camera needs to be able to take an image of at least 300dpi quality and have a resolution of at least 6 megapixels. Although we all tend to have cameras on our phones these days the image will have to fit on a large roller blind and so has to be of high quality.

2) Know which window or windows you want the photo for. The shape of the window will let you know whether you’re taking a portrait or landscape style photo to best fit the blind.

3) Think about your image. Do you want a close-up, or are you looking for a grand landscape? Imagine the final photo before you think about the composition.

4) Discover the basics of composition. Your two basic rules are a) to draw the eye in to an image by having something from the foreground leading into the background or having your subject staring straight down the lens, and b) divide the image you want to take into nine equal parts by imagining two horizontal and vertical lines running through the picture – now ensure that the key elements of your image sit either on the intersection of these lines or along them.

5) Get camera settings right. As well as making sure the batteries and memory card are fitted properly, check that you’ve got exposure settings and file types working the way you want them. Jpegs are best for print-ready files but choose raw files if you want to do any post-production work on the photo. You might want to play with settings like aperture and shutter speed to get the best look for your photo – for example widening the aperture on close-ups blurs backgrounds and emphasises the subject and slowing the shutter speed gives that organic milky look to fast flowing streams.

6) Learn to use your flash. Even in daylight a flash can add more sparkle to an image.

7) Ready? Steady? If you are worried about blurring or are shooting in low light with a slow shutter speed resting your camera on something steady will guarantee a sharper image – if you don’t have a professional tripod, a table or stone wall is just as effective.

8) Take lots of versions of your image. Move around your subject and try different compositions – and check them in the viewfinder or on the screen to see how each could be improved. And even once you’ve taken a photo, play around with how you want it to look with different filters – most cameras and cameraphones have the option of trying different colour filters and, you never know, a black and white customised roller blind might give just the right classic mood to your room.

9) Check the image and blind quality before giving the green light. Because we understand that the reviewing and editing process of creating images is so important, you can discuss with us how you want the image to be presented before our team gets to work. Whether you want a white border around the image and how you want it displayed, and NZ Blinds will send you a pdf of the image for you to OK before we go ahead with manufacturing the final product.

For more information on custom-made roller blinds, visit NZ Blinds’ online store for all you need to know about measuring up and ordering blinds – and you can arrange a free quote and free delivery in NZ too.