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How to Do Up a Room for Less than 5K
27 January 2016
How to Do Up a Room for Less than 5K

Smart Ways To Renovate Your Home For Less Than $5000

Property shows dominate television – whether it’s Kirstie and Phil urging people to renovate or sell, or the three Kiwi families battling to get their kids on the housing ladder in Our First Home.

And the basic theme in all these shows is that we’re all capable of making great things of our homes – all we have to do is roll up our sleeves and try a little DIY.

OK, sometimes we might be making a house look great to help raise its potential auction price, but even if we’re just giving a few rooms some tender loving care, it’s important for us to keep a clever budget in mind.

So, with an upper limit of $5K in mind – but with more than a few pointers to those working with less – here’s our guide to intelligent renovations.


Landscaping, creating definition to lawns and borders and re-painting all your fences is a great start to a good-looking home but for the ultra-luxurious addition which shouldn’t break the bank, think about creating a day-bed area with decking and shade cover. You could even include wooden or faux wood venetian blinds to create privacy if needed.

The outside

First impressions last so a lick of paint and new guttering and woodwork is always going to reap rewards. But for a consistent look across the who house, choosing new matching blinds for all external road-front windows gives a nice, clean look.

Communal areas

You can get a whole new, fresh feel to a home by changing the lighting – either by installing a skylight to a main room (for which you could install motorised roller blinds) or by swapping pendant lighting for downlights (or vice versa). Customised roller blinds are also a great way to introduce your own images or your own touch of style to your main room.


Although going all out on new appliances is likely to break the bank (well at least a $5K budget), look at replacing cabinetry handles, repainting or relaminating benchtops, splashbacks and cabinetry or redressing tied windows with smart new venetian blinds, classy sunshades or custom-deisgned roller blinds.


Upgrading fittings and tapware is relatively inexpensive but you can always brighten up the bathroom with a large, bold mirror backed up with a roller blind and sunshade combination which lets the light in while still protecting you privacy.


The buzzword in bedrooms these days is wallpaper with lots of bold, classic and even slightly kooky designs to choose from. If you are looking in bring design and patten into your bedroom you can also look to complement the wallpaper with a customised designer roller blind, in which you can choose the perfect match for your overall style.

For more information on all NZ Blinds’ ranges of venetian, vertical and roller blinds and to see how our online store can help you meet your renovation budget contact us now. You’ll also learn all you need to know about measuring up and ordering blinds – and you can arrange a free quote and free delivery in NZ too.