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Six Smart Home Ideas
31 March 2016
Six Smart Home Ideas

6 Of The Smartest Ideas For Hi-Tech Homes

According to a survey by home automation and security company Vivint, around one in three Kiwis already has home technology that lets them control appliances, lighting or security from their smartphones.

And as smart homes are on the rise (more than 20% said they’d fit home automation technology to help sell their house and 15% said it was key to their purchasing a new home) we thought we’d look to see what’s on the market.

At NZ Blinds, we’re keen to keep up with the latest trends, innovations and technology, so here’s our favourite gadgets and gizmos from the “internet of things”.

1. Motorised blinds: Of course, we’re most excited about our own area of expertise and motorised blinds. These are perfect for tough to reach parts of the house like high windows and skylights – and can also be fitted with timer switches or mobile technology so they can open and close at different times of the day to make a home seem occupied – perfect for the safety and security-conscious.

2. Smart doorbells: The coolest doorbells on the market these days are fitted with a video camera that lets you see who’s at the door from your smartphone or tablet – even if you’re not at home. Fit it in conjunction with a smart home security system and you’d be able to let a tradie or deliveryman in while you’re at work – or even keep at eye on who the kids are inviting around when you’re away!

3. Multi-choice mood lighting: Some versions come with strip lighting, others with table lamps – but they all allow you to control millions of different light settings around you home all from a smartphone or central console.

4. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms: These will let you know if they’ve activated via your phone even if you’re not at home – some even talk to you with a human voice to let you know whereabouts in your home the sensor has been activated.

5. Aircon, thermostats and heat pumps: The basic smart versions of these allow you to set temperature controls when you’re not at home as well as giving you energy savings by finding efficient settings when no-one’s in the room. But they also come in hi-tech models which click on and off depending who’s in the room; which recognize and learn specific people’s preferences; and which an respond to the weather to keep your home at a stable and comfortable temperature.

6. The smart crockpot: This is the perfect mix of lo-fi living and hi-tech appliances – just fill the crockpot in the morning before you go to work and then turn it on using your phone at the right time during the day and you’ll come back to the perfectly slow-cooked stew.