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How to Clean/Care for Your Blinds
30 June 2016
How to Clean/Care for Your Blinds

Cleaning and Caring For Your Blinds

At this time of the year, everything can look a little “tired” from frosts, rain and reduced sunlight. Spending many more hours inside means you are likely to see those 'niggly' indoor jobs. Jobs which tend to disappear when the house is open and the sunshine pours in.

Right now is a great time to tend to those odd jobs so you can spend more time outdoors when Spring arrives. Below are some easy care, hassle free ways to have your blinds looking their best and tick another chore off from that odd job list.

And if basic blind maintenance becomes part of your regular housecleaning it will reduce the likelihood of needing to take them down for thorough cleaning and air-drying.

Wooden Blinds

A microfibre cloth or a lambswool dusting glove do the best job and are relatively quick. Reaching the very top of your blinds can be achieved using a step ladder or clipping the cloth to an extension pole which can be found in most home improvement stores. Some people find it more comfortable to remove the blind from its tracking and placing on a sheet to clean.

Remember to always dust first before cleaning. Because wooden blinds are like any other piece of wooden furniture, the wood will absorb moisture and it is for this reason that we do not recommend cleaning with water. However, if your wooden blind has more than dust on it, such as food or bug marks, a lightly dampened cloth will help do the job.

Adding a small amount of linseed oil to a cloth will also help protect the wood, and if you want to repel mould and mildew from returning, a few drops of tea tree oil is an excellent remedy, as well as giving a clean, fresh smell to your home.

Aluminium and Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

These blind types resist extreme weather conditions as well as being easy to clean. You can use water with these, but be careful not to saturate any of the mechanics of your blinds which could cause problems later on.

If you have moved into a new home and have unfortunately inherited filthy aluminium or venetian blinds, take your blinds down and clean them outside to really give them a thorough clean. Use a soft brush (abrasive items can add scratches) with mild detergent and warm water, then finish off with a good dose of sunshine before moving them inside again. The water may need to be replaced a few times to ensure your efforts aren’t being wasted using dirty water.

Vertical Blinds

When cleaning vertical blinds, it is important to follow our step-by-step guide to ensure proper technique to keep your blinds in top shape.

First, adjust the blinds into the open position and using the pull cord, secure all the blades together. To release the blades from the tracking system, gently lift the top of each blade in sequence to remove them from the hooks that hang down from the tracking system.

Once removed, gently fold the blades in half avoiding creases in the fabric. Using cold water and 1/4 cup gentle cleanser, soak the blades for approximately 45 minutes. You will notice the color of the water changing as the dirt is being released.

All that's needed is a little time to clean these annually, and no special equipment is required. For a more detailed guide on how to clean your vertical blinds, refer to the instructions on our website.

Roller Blinds

Because of their high man-made material content, today’s roller blinds are excellent at repelling mould and mildew, but regrettably, no window product is 100% free of maintenance. To clean roller blinds, use your vacuum cleaner brush attachment with the vacuum suction adjusted to its lowest setting.

For any dirt spots, simply dilute a mild dishwashing detergent with lukewarm water and dab lightly. Repeating this process a few times is much better for the life of your blinds than rubbing the fabric vigorously and running the risk of damage.

A quick vacuum every now and then will help prevent buildup and discolouration.

If you treat your blinds with gentle care (no harsh rubbing or harsh detergents) you can get them clean and still have great window furnishings for years to come.

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