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New Roller Blind Fabric Range
3 August 2016
New Roller Blind Fabric Range
Resene's New Blind Range
In true DIY style, Resene Paints were born out of kiwi ingenuity. Back in 1946, builder, Ted Nightingale was in need of some alkali resistant paint for his concrete buildings. Back then, when a product for such a task wasn’t available - he did what any typical New Zealander would do.  e made his own in his concrete mixer.  And it must have been good too, because once word got around, Ted began taking orders from other builders and grew into the successful company, which we know and trust today.
Fast forward to 2016 where family member, Nick Nightingale, is now Managing Director for Resene Paints. Their innovative ideas make them leaders in the world of paint, bringing colour to life with every range the company produces.
One of their new products includes a range of fabric blinds featuring a subtly textured design, using 12 of Resene’s top selling colours. In true Resene style, these blinds offer something a little different as the same colour is on the front and back of the fabric, making it look great from both inside and outside the room. And as we move into Spring with more sunlight hours, these blackout blinds are great for bedrooms as well as TV rooms.
NZ Blinds are proud to stock this Resene Origins range, available in any size up to 3000mm in width for roller and roman blinds, and 127mm in width if you prefer vertical blinds.
This can reduce headaches for homeowners looking to have continuity in their blinds and wall colour, ideal for small or narrow rooms as it gives the illusion that space is larger or wider. It also makes decorating simple for landlords and those putting their house on the market, creating a clean and modern canvas for people to build from.
For those customers looking to add depth of field, have a look at the complimentary colours Resene has teamed up for each of the 12 blind colours in the Resene Origin range.
Alternatively, use the same wall colour at a half or quarter paint strength to break up the wall and blinds. The colour options have just grown tenfold!
Plus, to keep things simple each of the 12 neutral fabric colour names is the same as the Resene paint name so there is no chance of getting it wrong.
Just like Resene, NZ Blinds pride themselves in making a quality product, and because all our blinds are made locally we keep a firm hand on the shoulder of the final product.
So head over to the Resene Origin page and see which colour works best for your home or business. We recommend that you order a range of samples in a variety of colours in case you’d like a coordinating colour instead of an exact colour match.
Whether you are looking to update a single room in a residential dwelling or you’re a property developer needing a very large order for a commercial product, we specialise in custom made orders and have no two customers the same.