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2017 Design Trends - What to Expect
7 December 2016
2017 Design Trends - What to Expect

Stay ahead and impress everyone at Christmas lunch with your knowledge of what’s hot in home décor for 2017. Some may think you can see into the future and others will look at you in a different light from here on in.

In a nutshell, we are seeing a very strong nod to styles, colours and textures prevalent in the 1970s but with an industrial mix. After all, the aim is not to look dated but to bring in earthy, lavish elements with some warmth.

If you plan on renovating or building a new home soon, or just wanting to change out some of the homeware accessories, look out for the following trends.

So let us get to it. Welcome to the leaders in interior design over the next 12 months.


Adding colour and warmth, terracotta takes centre stage. Not overly rustic and finished in matte says modern, not old-fashioned. Interior designers believe terracotta will be great in bathrooms as it works very well with white. Could your bathroom do with some privacy? Go for an understated blind pattern made from aluminium or certain roller blinds which will let in lots of natural light. Wooden blinds are not the best choice here as they will suffer from the extreme heating and cooling conditions.

If you're not sure which roller blinds are best, simply email us for advice.

Upholstered Bedheads

Dominant Scandivanian styles in 2016 will make way for more romantic, floaty bohemian characteristics. Upholstered bedheads look rich and dreamy and will be popping up all over Pinterest, Instagram and international design publications.

Metallic finishes

Warm yellow golds, copper, and steel are big news for 2017. We’re not talking super shiny imitation copper, we mean the heavier copper with a matte finish. In fact, all the metals will be cool and matte with an industrial feel.


Did you know cork is great at soaking up noise? Worth considering in a teenager’s room then. And as it also doubles as a posting board it may even encourage them to organise their personal space too! Other materials we will see are raw, earthy textures like timber, clay, and wicker.

Dark Green

Move over soothing pastels, your big dark and moody cousin, dark green, is taking over. You will see dark green coming through in décor accessories such as cushions, statement chairs, and glass. We recommend teaming up with alabaster, birch, and natural canvas blind colours so the room isn’t overly dominated with dark tones.

Nooks, Snugs, Relaxation

Desperate to get away from a computer, iPad, Xbox and television noise? You’re not alone. Or rather you can be if you have a ‘quiet space’ to lose yourself in a book or some well earned daydreaming. It may be a bedroom or a home office – wherever it is people are creating “havens” and will furnish them accordingly in plush sofas, floor cushions, and sheepskin rugs. Cedar Venetians will be perfect here for adding that touch of privacy.

2017 Workplace Interior Trends

Office design in 2017 is all about future proofing. Sustainability, environmentally conscious building products and smart technology are the top three. Pair these with classic design influences like Frank Lloyd Wright and the building will still look good 30 years from now.

Productive well-being is another big box ticker with designers and architects alike. Pokey offices basking in unnatural light is a big no-no. Living plant life, sit-stand desks, and designated meeting and privacy areas report lower staff turnover and increased workplace happiness.