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How to Choose the Right Blinds for Your Business
19 February 2017
How to Choose the Right Blinds for Your Business

Blinds can significantly change the look of an office, retail or commercial space, serve as a positive or negative backdrop, and influence customers and staff more than you may realise.

Creating the right mood and culture of a company shows through so we’ve crafted a list of tips for blind selection in commercial, retail and office environments.

It is a known fact that being in an air conditioned office environment can drain your employees of enthusiasm and productivity, so it's worth the investment to connect them with the outside world and lift workplace moral.

Asking the Right Questions

Unsure if you should be looking at roller blinds, Venetian blinds or vertical blinds? There are a few simple considerations to make based on your business type and location. One thing which remains constant though is that function is first and foremost.

1. Do I want to advertise a product image or logo on the blind? (all types of retailers)

2. Does the room get very hot over the course of the day? (those working from home in small areas)

3. Is glare an issue for computer screens? (office buildings with large windows)

4. Do I often have product damage from the sun fading the merchandise? (furniture and clothing retailers)

5. Is there a need to create privacy and/or relaxation (beauty spas, doctors, and specialists)

Questions every business should address:

1. How much natural light comes into the room?

2. What is our budget?

3. What colours do we already have to work with?

4. What 'image' do we want to portray to our customers?

5. Are there several spaces to outfit?

Colours or Neutrals?

Boardroom meetings are for focusing, making decisions and solving problems. So for these reasons to stay away from bright, distracting colours, especially colours like red that stimulate hunger and increase blood pressure (not good in any meeting).

In the same token, a cutting-edge furniture design store won’t look cutting-edge with beige blinds that would be better suited in a photocopying room! In a nutshell, ask yourself what does the room represent, and how it should assist those using the room.

Vertical blinds are ideal for modern office buildings as they suit very long window frames and employees can angel the amount of light entering their workspace.

Roller blinds represent a softer side, great for a work-from-home environment, boardrooms, smaller office spaces and businesses needing privacy.

If something bolder is what your business needs, have you considered a giant floral painting or product image? Retailers or modern offices which house prints like this in their reception area make a striking first impression about the business culture.

Make the most of other fundamentals such as paint, rugs, and accessories and then work with contrasting blinds for something dramatic. This is not a domestic situation, so feel free to make a statement and don't forget Pinterest offers some fantastic inspirational ideas.

When choosing the finishing touches of your blinds think about which side to have the chain on, the length of chain (you don’t want young children swinging or choking on them!), base bar design or is a motorised blind your best option? These are worth considering for high reaching or difficult positions.

For more details on our extensive range visit our product page. Colour samples are always encouraged and can be chosen here.