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How to Bring the Pantone Colour of Year to Your Home with NZ Bli
9 January 2017
How to Bring the Pantone Colour of Year to Your Home with NZ Bli

Not for the faint-hearted, Pantone’s colour for 2017 is Greenery. Super fresh, bright with yellow undertones, Greenery is a standout. So how can you incorporate a brighter shade of green into your interiors this year? Thankfully, it is not as challenging as you may first think and you certainly don’t need to be a design expert to achieve it.

Here is a list of ways you can publicise you have your “finger on the pulse” about what is happening in the professional design world without decorating an entire room or becoming too overwhelmed.

Your front door

Make a statement front door in the fresh Greenery shade in just a few hours. It will certainly make your house easy to find for guests as well!

Interior Accessories

Lampshade bases, glass bowls, vases, bunting in a child’s room, art prints and cushions are all easy ways to bring green onto the scene.

Window furnishings

Refreshing any tired room with crisp white roller blinds is the perfect backdrop to greenery you add through accessories, Manchester or statement furniture. A white canvas gives the room a new freshness.

Resene’s Alabaster is a great choice, and so much the better if your walls are painted in the responding colour. All the blinds we stock from Resene are from their best selling neutral paint colours, making it easy to match walls and blinds together for complete continuity.

Other great blind choices are the Sunscreen white or stone and Sunscreen Dakota range in Quartz.

If white walls and blinds are not to you taste, go for the other end of the spectrum with Charcoal grey or black vertical Venetian blinds.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, why not try our custom designer roller blinds? We have a gallery of exclusive-licensed images or you can even use your own photography. A creative and unique way to bring Greenery and individuality in to your home!


Mixers, tumblers, mugs, toasters, kettles, tea towels or plates – the kitchen is an easy cost effective way to add that “pop” if you are tired with red or monochrome colour palettes or ready to move things up a gear.


Have an old favourite chair which needs a bit of love? Have it upholstered in a stand-out green stripe or pattern and it will never look tired again. This could even be a project to do yourself if you are confident at finding and following a few Youtube tutorials.

Soft Furnishings

Look for bedding, bath towels, and rugs which include this vibrant green in their pattern. Especially nice for this time of year when the sun is out, and again at the beginning of Spring.


A small bathroom, a feature wall, a children’s desk or desk chair in green are sure to make any room fun and lively. Depending on what you decide to paint, a test pot or two may suffice.


Pantone’s Greenery is all about bringing nature into your home so why not take it a little further with indoor plants. Group together a handful of air-cleaning plants in different shades of green looks great and is beneficial to your health as well.

Notice something about our site? This fresh spring-like shade as part of our logo!

Take advantage of our website Wishlist tool so you can start comparing styles and colours before ordering your free samples (which we always recommend).