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Benefits of Buying Blinds Online
19 March 2017
Benefits of Buying Blinds Online

The convenience of 24-hour shopping is not something any of us would have imagined 20 years ago, and yet now it is hard to remember it any other way.

Consumers love the freedom of shopping from their home, their office, at the park, anywhere actually, regardless of time – day or night.

Modern day, high-level protection has taken away their privacy concerns and customers now feel assured that sensitive information is safe.

Online purchasing is destined to get bigger as the world becomes a smaller place, here are a list of additional benefits you can expect from the NZ Blinds online store which physical stores can't always offer:

Blinds at the Perfect Price

Rent, utility and car parking costs associating with a 'brick and mortar' store are not elements an online store have to allow for. Our overheads are kept to a minimum which in turn means we produce a great quality product at a lower price than our physical store competitors.

Quality Enlarge Images

The need to visit a physical store to choose the right colour and texture has become redundant. Our enlarged images give you an accurate assessment of colour, while the free samples give you the reassurance that you have a perfect match.

Privacy and Security

Not everyone wants a service person coming into their home. A few minutes searching on and you can read reports of unsavory people approaching homes masquerading as someone they are not. Furthermore, there is no need to make special arrangements to be home at a certain time, waiting for a tradesperson to measure your windows.

We respect the privacy of our customers and will not give out, pass-on or sell personal information to additional businesses.

We Help Our Customers

With our 7 Point Plan guide and video tutorial, measuring your window frame is easy and straight forward. A metal measuring tape, pen, and paper are all you need, but if there is something you aren’t 100% sure of, simply send us your question.

Free Shipping

Forget about searching Google maps to find the store location, save your petrol for another day and definitely don’t worry about where on earth you should park the car. Free shipping makes all of these steps unnecessary and more importantly, saves you time.

Extensive Range

Some customers worry there will be a bigger range to choose from in a physical store, however, sophisticated online shopping makes this a thing of the past. Way back in the past. We stock hundreds of colours and textures, in thousands of blind combinations and with our customised image blinds the possibilities are simply endless.

Our business specialises in blinds, and nothing but blinds so you get the very best service, product knowledge and range available. Fact.

Our Resene range is a collection of their best-selling neutral colours. All Resene blind names correspond with the same paint colour for exact matching.

No Pushy Salespeople

Is there anything more off-putting when you are trying to browse at your leisure? Most customers are rushing for the door at this point, vowing never to return. Grab yourself a snack, find a quiet spot and browse in the comfort of your home at a pace right for you.

Whether you have one room which needs new blinds or an entire hotel, see our range of the best, competitively priced window products around.