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How We Excel at Customer Service
14 April 2017
How We Excel at Customer Service

NZ Blinds are New Zealand’s leading online blinds store. So that means we can just sit back and relax, right? Not on your life! Being the best means we need to work at it to stay there because let’s face it – there’s only one way to go.

So how do we hold this position? Well, we constantly ask ourselves, how can we provide five-star service and support to those who trust us with their business? We care about what our customers think and experience because we know that ultimately, they are the best advertisement we can ever have.

Let's have a look at a few of the things which set us apart, and have customers returning to us.

We listen.

One size does not fit all. Whether you’re looking for roller blinds for a single room, vertical blinds for the boardroom or own a chain of hotels needing thermal blackout blinds, you’ve come to the right place.

But what if you’re not sure what you need? Tell us the type of room the blind is for (sunny TV room, baby’s bedroom, shady bathroom etc) and we'll advise you on the perfect blind for the perfect place.

We know how your blinds are made.

This is not a faceless off-shore business. All our finished products are made right here in little ole’ New Zealand, so if anything is faulty with the product you received, the situation will be remedied. Fast.

We offer competitive pricing.

By not having physical stores to buy your blinds from means we are able to offer you a more competitive retail price. Rent, upkeep, set up costs and employing store-front staff all go toward increasing the retail price of a product.

We create customer loyalty.

You’re only as good as your last job. And if your last job wasn’t much chop, you can say goodbye to those customers, and probably everyone they know! Our returning customers know they can trust us to get the job done, have an expected delivery date and know the quality will be constant every time.

We make it easy.

NZ Blinds have been operating in the online world for a long time. Processes have been put in place to ensure all our orders are seamless and without errors or delays. Our video tutorial and Seven Point Plan guarantee you will get the perfect fit for your blinds every time.

Think blinds won’t give you much variety to choose from? Think again. As suppliers of roller, vertical, Venetian, Plantation, wooden, blackout, thermal, sunscreen, combo, aluminum and customised designer blinds there are thousands of combinations to choose from.

We employ good people.

We’ve all experienced that customer support person who seems incapable of solving a two-piece puzzle.  And it usually takes a good 24 hours for your heart to return to a healthy beating rate afterward. This can be a real funnel-neck problem for many businesses, but thankfully not ours.

Our long-standing team of workers know their stuff, take pride in their work and think on their feet. All customer queries are dealt with quickly because as we all know - an online business is always open!