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Why our customers love our Combo Blinds
26 May 2017

Combo roller blinds offer the best of both worlds as it allows you to have two blinds - one in front of other. This means 2 different fabrics come together in one blind.

Clever right? You bet it is. Essentially you're killing two birds with one stone - blocking out harmful UV rays, cold and damp, but still have a view when you want it and privacy when you need it. And anything which is going to cut out that glare is also going to extend the life of your furniture.

New Zealand is notorious for having four seasons in one day, especially in Auckland where it can be wet and cold one minute, dry and intense sunlight the next. And that’s only two of about ten weather variations! As the temperature at night drops, your window fittings are more important to sort out sooner rather than later.

Combo roller blinds come in many shades and colour, from a bright white to almost black. The Mantra range has a subtle texture embedded into it, complementing many interior styles.

This type of blind is particularly useful in living rooms which get a lot of late afternoon sun, making a room overly bright. However, once the sun goes down the room becomes chilly and then you'll need a window fitting which will protect you from the condition outside. Another area combo blinds are very beneficial are bedrooms as they block out street lights giving you a better chance of getting to sleep while keeping the warmth inside.

The double bracket system is not much bigger than a single blind fitting so you don’t have to worry about an intrusive ‘eyesore’ on either side of the blinds. All our blinds come with straightforward instructions so anyone can install them. However, if you don’t feel confident installing your new blinds, or your back is giving you trouble, NZ Blinds now has a simple and worry-free partnership with Hire-A-Hubby. Just let us know at the checkout if you’d like this additional service!

NZ Blinds can even combine a designer blind with another roller blind. Designer blinds can be an image you have purchased or one you have taken yourself. This might be an image of your favourite city, a cute graphic for a baby's room or your favourite painting - there are no limitations here! Designer blinds are also popular as a unique way to advertise your business, logo or products.

See the large range of colours and options available here.