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Funky Designer Roller Blinds
1 September 2013
Funky Designer Roller Blinds

Designer Roller Blinds.  How often have the kids pestered you to be able to put posters and pictures up on their bedroom walls?  You hear yourself over again saying that it will damage the walls. 'But my room is boring' they moan. Well, be bored no more, little ones. Come to and have a look at NZ Blinds new line of Designer Roller blinds. Who's cheeky monkey wouldn't love a roller blind with their choice of design?

With so many different designs to pick from, the only problem will be narrowing down the choice to just one. Then, once the favourite is chosen for their bedroom, why not allow a second choice to brighten up the playroom or rumpus?

We mustn't let the rest of the house miss out either. Something to enliven the master bedroom or illuminate a bathroom. From cute to swanky, cheerful to cheeky, fun to down-right silly, anything goes in your own home. Get that french-country kitchen look or shabby chic lounge, which is just a few clicks away when you order on NZ Blinds new website.

And, if you can't find the exact thing you are looking for, feel free to supply your own design, even a photo, which we will create your very own personalised designer roller blind from. A photo of the kids, your fur-baby, favourite scenic landscape or view. You could get creative and theme the whole house around a particular subject, text, picture or colour. The ideas are endless and so much fun.

Don't forget promotional blinds for the workplace - a sponsored blind from a supplier, a company motto or slogan. The options are limited only by imagination.