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Stylish Custom-Designed Roller Blinds for Your Home or Business
11 March 2014
Stylish Custom-Designed Roller Blinds for Your Home or Business


You're redecorating, you're moving into a new home, you're starting a new business or stepping up to new premises: the first thing you have to do is stamp your style on your building.

Nothing allows you to personalise your home or business like custom-designed rollerblinds .

At home, they're the perfect way to tie together a room's colour scheme, or give a little funky finish or elegant flourish: your own creative drive is the only limit to what you can achieve.

For a business the obvious choice is a company logo or a design that reflects what your company does. But a slightly sideways way of thinking can make a real statement: why not look for historical images, why not take your own photos around your business?

Your first port of call can be which has a selection of exclusively licensed images suitable for most rooms. But dive into the internet and you'll find heaps of inspiration - just take the room you want to decorate as your starting point and let your mouse-clicks be your guide.

Your Home

Whether you want a formal, traditional, contemporary or outrageous look to your home, how you treat your windows is vital to your overall look.

Some rooms, such as kids rooms, might want to stand out, others might want to give continuity to a home's overall look. Designer rollerblinds  give you the chance to convert any space without a complete overhaul or necessarily breaking the bank.

First of all, consider the room's purpose. Adult bedrooms might want a sense of rest and peacefulness, children's rooms might want a funky twist - and you can be sure boys and girls will have very different ideas of what they require. A kitchen could easily take an image either in keeping with a culinary theme, or simply an informal image taken from a family holiday; and sitting rooms are the perfect place to either use your rollerblinds to act as a centrepiece with a strong design or image, or to give a sense of relaxed purpose by using a quiet pattern.

Then work out your room's colour scheme - you'll more than likely already have certain items of furniture you want to keep and you may already have a paint scheme that you're happy with. Choose a pattern or image which uses colours you already have in the room and you'll instantly give the space a sense of harmony.


Custom-designed rollerblinds are a great way to help sell your brand.

There are likely to be plenty of reasons to choose rollerblinds for your office or business which will help it work more efficiently: cutting out the glare on computer screens, helping to regulate light and temperature, or giving privacy. So if you're going to fit an affordable and simple blind, why not make sure it's doubling its effectiveness by adding to your company's image!

The first step is to make sure your company's logo appears throughout your building and on as many windows facing the street to make sure you get maximum value. It's an old maxim that "it pays to advertise" so why not make sure even your windows are selling your brand?

As well as branding your rollerblinds, you can use them as a canvas to attract attention to your business. People are always attracted to faces, so why not incorporate them into your design. And a slightly abstract way of thinking might also make a statement about your company... old photos of a building show a sense of style and history, showing the raw materials you work with gives a sense of professionalism: you don't have to be too literal.

And rollerblinds also offer an easy solution for companies which exhibit at trade fairs or shows. Your stand has to make a quick statement about your company to catch passers-by and compete with a crowd of rivals. Custom-designed rollerblinds give you the chance to give your stand a stylish decoration while also adapting to your personal creativity.

Interior design and styles

Paste magazine recently published its top interior design trends for 2014 (click here to see the article) - and using custom-designed rollerblinds can allow you to create the perfect contemporary setting for your home.

This year's themes involve using saturated colours, rich fabrics and modern takes on classic patterns. It's worth checking out these interior design websites for inspiration and then looking for the right image to suit your style. And if you're not keen to jump straight into the latest style, what better way to test out how you really feel about a colour or trend by using it to dress your window rather than an entire room.

Two of Paste magazine's major themes for 2014 is "no more matchy-matchy" and "think outside the style box" - this gives you open-season to be bold with your choices around the home and to zhush up your choice of a regular rollerblind. So why not dig through your photos or have a wander around the internet to see what you can find?

Practically speaking...

If you want to use an image for your customised designer rollerblind then you can either take it yourself or find an image you're legally allowed to use. There are plenty of stock image libraries out there with millions of potential images to suit every room, every style and every person. Try,, or 123RF for starters but there are also plenty of specific themed sites. Just make sure you either own the copyright for the image or have the permission of the copyright holder to use the image.

If you're taking your own photo, make sure you provide a large enough image to fit the size of the blind - after all your roller blind is a considerably larger canvas than your phone's screen or that photo of the kids on the kitchen wall! It helps to have a digital camera of at least 6 megapixels set to 300dpi resolution. Save your image either as a jpeg or in raw format.

It's important to work alongside a creative team to turn your creative dream into reality so make sure you get a pdf proof of how your blind will look before you go ahead and order.