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A Buyer's Guide to the Best Blinds
22 April 2014
A Buyer's Guide to the Best Blinds

Blackout roller blinds

The ultimate in versatility around the home, blackout roller blinds offer your perfect solution to controlling heat, light and privacy. Ideal for bedrooms, television rooms and all living areas. The Palm Beach blind is rated the same as thermal drapes for homes in areas requiring good insulation. 

For businesses, blackout rollerblinds offer privacy for meeting rooms and control light for areas where staff work on computers.

If kitting out rental properties or offices, blackout roller blinds give consistency and are an affordable way to fit out large-scale projects.

Sunscreen roller blinds

Installing sunscreens around your home lets you enjoy your views while helping to protect your furniture, curtains and flooring from sun damage; cutting out the glare from our harsh New Zealand light; and controlling the heat from direct sunlight. Ideal for all living areas.

For businesses, sunscreens are a must in all areas where staff work with computer screens and give employees the flexibility to control their work environment.

Designer roller blinds

Ideal to make a statement in living areas, or to give kids' rooms a special touch. Designer roller blinds put you in charge of your home's interior design.

Businesses can customise their blinds with corporate logos - great for road-front windows - or give a consistent, professional look throughout the office or store. Designer roller blinds are also perfect for trade stands.

Aluminium venetian blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds are a simple, affordable and durable solution for kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms. Easy-to-clean and simple to install, they give a modern look to your home without making a major dent in your wallet.

For businesses wanting a clean, sharp look, or wanting to kit out large premises, aluminum venetian blinds offer an inexpensive solution to privacy.

Wooden venetian blinds

With all the same benefits as aluminium venetians around the home - especially in being easily cleaned - wooden venetians may be slightly more expensive but give a more stylish look and allow you to match your room's interior design by colour-matching paintwork.

Again, for businesses not wanting the modern look of aluminium, wooden venetians offer a softer alternative around showrooms and store-fronts.

Faux wooden venetian blinds

Faux wooden venetians offer a halfway house between aluminium and wooden blinds. They are durable and easily cleaned enough to be suitable for hard-working areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, but also offer a cheaper alternative to wood in living and sleeping areas, and are great in north-facing rooms where temperature extremes could discolour and warp wood.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds offer a great solution for high windows and ranch-sliders in homes and businesses. They are adaptable and stylish and can also provide businesses with a cost-effective method of dividing large offices and showrooms.