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Blinds for Commercial Properties
11 March 2014
Blinds for Commercial Properties

Whether you're a New Zealand business owner, property developer, rental property owner, part of a body corp, or running schools, universities or day-cares, your primary concern when it comes to blinds is to be able to order and fit them quickly and inexpensively so you can get back to what you do best.

Blinds are the simple option for windows and there's a perfect blind for every room: venetian blinds  are easy to clean in kitchen and bathrooms, and roller blinds  are perfect for rooms where people work with computers because they can cut out the glare. And if you need to fit out a whole building, what's better than having the consistency of a single design?

Rental Properties

New Zealand rental properties have to deal with specific New Zealand issues. The North Island has warm, damp winters and long, hot summers, while the South Island copes with huge extremes of temperatures all of which can put stress on homes. Rollerblinds can offer simple solutions to heat and light issues while easy-clean venetian blinds give you the peace of mind your home will be looked after. 


To run an effective business you need to make sure your office works smoothly. Blinds offer solutions to problems such as space and privacy, and can help your office become a better place to work. Vertical blinds  are a great way to divide a workspace to give your floorplan specific areas while keeping an open plan "feel". And there's always need for privacy in individual offices and meeting rooms, which is why venetian blinds are the perfect choice for internal windows and doors.

Branding and Awareness!

Customised designer roller blinds  are the perfect way to display your company logo and get yourself really noticed. Whether you want to be noticed from the street or simply give your office a consistent air of professionalism, a rollerblind is a great way to get your message across while also giving your office the benefit of protection against UV and glare as well as insulation. And if your business needs an exhibition stand, your customised business rollerblind can be a great way to get noticed!

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