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Change is good... Why modernise with blinds?
28 April 2014
Change is good... Why modernise with blinds?

New Zealand homes have long been the domain of curtains while blinds were relegated to working spaces such as offices, garages, or, at a push, bathrooms and kitchens. But there are a host of reasons why NZ Blinds' products offer a superior quality and effect to drapes.

1)  Blinds offer a simple option for fitting and installation. All you need to know is on this website using tools you're likely to have around the home (a tape measure and electric drill/screwdriver) whereas curtains require fancy sewing machining of hems or seams and rings or tapes for hanging. All you need to do is measure the area you wish to cover - first deciding whether you want to have the blind hanging outside the window recess (face) or inside the recess (recess) - and then and just pick your style. Once you've made those measurements, the installation is easy-as for blinds without all the worry of making sure your curtains hang straight or are attached properly to their rails, rings and screws.

2)  Blinds are so much easier to clean than curtains, making them the perfect option for all homes and workplaces, and a must if you're at all worried about your kids' health. Wood, plastic and metals are easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, even fabric rollerblinds are generally hardy and stain-resistant and can simply be brushed down while hanging or even have a light vacuum run over them. Cleaning curtains can be a real pain - and then there's all that bother making sure they're rehung straight again once you've got them washed, dried and pressed. Curtains can be a dust trap around your home, becoming a haven for mites and pet hairs which can easily trigger allergies or asthma.

3)  Blinds bring a versatile, contemporary look to a room. They can be sleek and unimposing or create a great centrepiece depending on which of the wide range of styles you choose. From metal, wood or faux wood venetians to classy fabric rollerblinds, there are as many types of blinds as you can find reasons to fit them. Curtains, on the other hand, tend to offer a single fabric option.

4)  Blinds offer a practical way to alter light levels and air flow in your home without suffering from the glare of our harsh Kiwi sunlight. Curtains fail the adaptability test by being either too thin - and letting a lot of light in - or being too heavy, which can make a room feel stuffy and cluttered.

5)  The contemporary streamlined look of venetian, vertical and roller blinds create a minimalist look which can often make a room look bigger. This is perfect for flats and apartments, or for fitting into bay windows or conservatories where you want to feature what's on show rather than clutter up the space. Curtains give a heavy, cluttered look to a room and tend to make whatever space you have look smaller.

6)  While curtains fall foul of fading in our harsh New Zealand sunlight, as well as often coming off second-best to pets and children, blinds are a tough, durable option which don't fade and are more than a match for grubby hands and paws.

7)  Blinds are simple to use, requiring just a turn of a wrist or the pull of a cord to open and close, making them a great option for windows above furniture or cabinets which you might have to reach across and which could catch on the bottom of curtains.