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DIY: The Kiwi way...
29 April 2014
DIY: The Kiwi way...

DIY: The Kiwi way...

The quarter-acre Kiwi dream may be a thing of the past for most New Zealanders but there's still a practicality to living in New Zealand which gives us a real can-do attitude. Thanks to NZBlinds, measuring and fitting your blinds is definitely an easy process which requires little previous skill thanks to our simple step-by-step guide.

1)  First of all choose which windows you want to fit with blinds, what type of blinds you want and whether you want them to sit inside or outside the window recess - most choose "recess" fitting for a more streamlined look but there may be handles or other obstructions which require you to choose a "face" fitting.

2)  Measure up using a rigid metal tape measure and take the measurements to the nearest millimetre using our handy measuring sheet that you'll find on this website.

Make sure that when measuring for a "recess" fit you take three measurements from top to bottom and from side to side and note down the shortest distance - this is the one we'll use to make sure there's no overlap.

Make sure that when measuring for a "face" fit you take three measurements from top to bottom and side to side to make sure of a square fit and be sure to include your overlap - 50mm is a usual guide.

You'll also need to take into consideration special fitting instructions for overhead windows, irregular shaped windows, french doors, ranch-sliders, corner windows, windows with shallow sills, or windows with tile surrounds. We've got a comprehensive guide to these special cases here or you can contact us at

3)  Once you've nailed your size and style, you can use our online calculator for an instant quote - there's a few extra choices to make here about the colour and length of your blind's controller, chain, bracket and base bar, but the website also allows you to order your home's new blinds room-by-room - and then it's a simple matter of ordering and waiting for delivery. The blinds are made in New Zealand and should be ready in 10 to 15 days and, barring a few conditions, will be delivered free to your home.

4)  When fitting your blinds it's absolutely vital you double-check your measurements before installation. Roller blinds which aren't level will tend to roll askew, vertical blinds can drag if not installed properly, and venetians blinds - because of their strong horizontal lines - will look crooked very easily if not straight. This website has great videos for all our blind options and simple step-by-step guides to making sure your choice of blind works properly from day one and will stand the test of time. All you need are the screws and a decent screwdriver. If you're at all worried about installation, NZBlinds recommends Hire-A-Hubby  to give you a helping hand, and if there's anything you need changing (say moving a control from right to left) it pays to contact our team to make sure it can be done without altering any of the mechanism.