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Dos and Don'ts...
29 April 2014
Dos and Don'ts...

Do... Contact us with any queries over your home or business's requirements. Our expert team is on-hand seven-days-a-week and will usually have a solution to any problem - for example piggy-backing rollerblinds can be used to cover large areas and tough-to-fit corner windows often need careful measurements to create an overlap.

Don't... Think measuring and installation is too difficult. Our website offers easy step-by-step guides and videos to make break the process down into manageable chunks, and the simple-to-use quote and ordering system on the website means you can work through your home's requirements in an organised fashion. Remember we're always at the end of an email if you need any help and, if you think the installation is a little to tough, there's always Hire-A-Hubby  to help with the final fitting.

Do... Try before you buy. NZBlinds has a range of samples for our venetian, vertical, blackout and sunscreen ranges to make sure you get the right style and colour for your room. Just because everything you need to completely revamp your home is available at the touch of a button online, doesn't mean you have to choose without having a look firsthand at our products.

Don't... Think all blinds have to look the same. Although our diverse range of styles is sure to include something for any room's requirement be it commercial or domestic, there's a sure-fire way to make sure your blind is utterly unique: design it yourself. We can easily match whatever paint colour you choose for wooden blinds and our team is always on hand to help out with our designer rollerblinds. You take the photo or design the logo and we'll turn it into a great centrepiece for a room or a classy corporate look.

Do... Trust us to look after you as a customer. It's totally safe to use our NZ Blinds website because it uses a secure third party to handle all transactions and does not store your credit card number. We'll let you know if there's likely to be a delay in delivering your blinds - most of the time they should be sent out in 15 days although wooden blinds may take up to 25 working days. Deliveries can take up to four days depending on where you live. If you think you've made an error in your measurements, contact us immediately - if we haven't started manufacturing them then there's no problem, if they're made but not delivered there may be a small cost.

Don't... keep looking at your old windows thinking there's nothing you can do to change them! NZBlinds offer a huge selection of styles, colours and fabrics to give your home the perfect facelift without having to break the bank. There's a style of blind which can suit any budget, taste or interior decorating theme - so feel free to ditch those drapes and find a stylish replacement.