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Getting Started... Why Choose Blinds?
11 March 2014
Getting Started... Why Choose Blinds?


New Zealand's harsh sunlight making too much of a glare on your TV or computer screen? Do you have to shield your eyes while your trying to whip up a storm in the kitchen? All blinds offer the perfect solution to regulate how much heat, light and UV rays you want in your home but the simplicity of roller blinds offers the perfect answer: sunscreens allow you to keep the view while cutting back on the glare while blockout rollerblinds are great for TV rooms or bedrooms. Or choose a light filtering rollerblind to give you privacy without darkening your room. And you can rest assured the light won't ruin your choice of wooden venetian blinds which has a UV block added to the lacquer coating.


Are your panes a window on to the world or a spotlight on your family? Choosing the perfect blind for your windows and doors gives you peace of mind and protection. Vertical blinds are a great way to cover longer windows or ranch-sliders and their 180-degree rotation gives you the adaptability you need. Venetian blinds offer an easy-clean choice for bathrooms and kitchens, light filtering roller blinds give you privacy without darkening your room, and blackout roller blinds are perfect for bedrooms.

Focal point

How you decorate your house says so much about you and blinds are a great way to make an impact. Wooden venetian blinds can be painted to match your room or left in natural timber to match colonial or cottage styles, but for the ultimate in creativity choose designer rollerblinds. Designer rollerblinds give you the chance to have your windows how you want: something funky for kids' rooms, stylish for a sitting room, or maybe customise your office with blinds showing off your company logo. Either choose from our exclusively licensed images or send in one of your own pictures (just make sure you own the copyright) and our studio will work alongside you to give your home a unique style that's exactly how you want it.

Energy efficiency

The right choice of blind can help save you money. Fitting blinds to keep out the heat and light during summer means you don't have to hammer the air conditioning, and all rollerblinds will help insulate during the colder months by trapping a layer of air between the window and the material. For a real "thermal" option go for the Palm Beach blackout rollerblind which has the same properties as thermal drapes.


Your windows let in much more than heat and light, and your choice of blind can help keep out that most annoying of problems: noise. The thicker the material, the better it will be at keeping outdoors sounds where they should stay so blackout blinds are your best option. Cedar wooden venetian blinds also offer a stylish way to control noise from outside.

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