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Interior design
22 April 2014
Interior design

Kiwi design styles

As a relatively young country with a melting pot of cultural influences, it's tough to find a consistent theme to New Zealand design. From the classic Kiwi villa to the modern city apartment and from country charm to seaside bach-chic, there's a wealth of inspiration from which to design your perfect home. How you dress your windows can make a great first impression for your home - and blinds offer a myriad opportunities to make an impact.

How to match your design style to your choice of blind

Wooden venetian blinds: The natural look is the ideal match for most classic Kiwi styles, ranging from villa to country cottage to bach. They give a light and charming feel to the room and can be colour-matched with most schemes. A bare wood look is ideal for homes with wooden flooring - so typical in many New Zealand homes - or country-style homes. Painted wooden blinds also work well in modern homes and apartments to contrast with contemporary light or metallic finishes.

Aluminium venetian blinds: Although once the preserve of the commercial sector, aluminium blinds fit well into modern minimalist, industrial, contemporary, Scandinavian or art deco styles. Sharp, sleek lines make a real style statement in monochrome, but in bright colours, they can add a real splash of vibrancy to a room.

Roller blinds: The clean, contemporary lines of a well-fitted rollerblind is the perfect addition to any modern interior design style. Its utilitarian background and sleek lines makes it ideal for smaller rooms or apartments where curtains would create the feeling of clutter. Even classic Kiwi styles can incorporate rollerblinds - for example using sunscreens with curtains will help preserve the fabric and stop your furniture from fading.

Designer roller blinds: The ultimate innovation in matching your blinds to your home's style, a customised designer roller blind allows you to stamp your own mark on each of your rooms. By choosing your own image, you can create a focal point for a living space or a fun addition to a child's room. You can create a pattern that runs through your home to tie the rooms together, or you can make a colourful contrast to an otherwise minimal interior scheme. Designer roller blinds offer an opportunity to restyle your home without having to splash out on a total makeover - and by having a world of images at your disposal, you can choose exactly which look you want.