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Hire-A-Hubby teams up with NZ Blinds
13 June 2014
Hire-A-Hubby teams up with NZ Blinds

Who ya gonna call?

Hire-A-Hubby teams up with NZ Blinds for care-free, perfect installations.


You know the ad. The one where the check-shirted, good, honest Kiwi bloke rests on his self-built picket fence with a satisfied smile of a job well done, while, next door, his ashen-faced neighbour leans uncomfortably on his gate post and the voice-over tells us he had to "get someone in".

As much as we'd all love to believe that all Kiwis are the types to throw together a fence, re-tile the roof, unblock the drains and landscape the garden, the simple fact is that we're not all put together that way - and even those that are, don't necessarily want to spend their spare time on DIY around the home.

Hire-A-Hubby Operations Manager Darren Hutchinson knows first-hand about the myth of the Kiwi handyman.

"A lot of people honestly don't have the tools," he says. "And even if they do, they often don't have the time to do things themselves, or can afford to get someone professional to come in.

"I don't believe most people now see themselves as a handyman and they know it. If you look around New Zealand now and see the number of professional handymen doing alright for themselves, that seems to prove it.

"Fortunately there's someone you can call who's happy to come around. Most people now like to stick to what they do well and leave the jobs around the home to people who know what they're doing."

Hire-A-Hubby is teaming up with NZ Blinds to make sure those who don't have the tools, the time or the inclination to install their blinds, get the job done perfectly.

"Some blinds might just take 10 minutes to put up, but some others - for those 2.4 metre windows for example - it might take a lot longer and might need two people," says Darren.

He says the company, which has 70 franchisees working the length of the country from the Bay of Islands to Invercargill, will have a service certificate with NZ Blinds to make sure blinds are fitted within five working days of delivery, and to the standards that NZ Blinds requires and the levels of customer service on which Hire-A-Hubby prides itself.

Darren's been with Hire-A-Hubby since it was set up in New Zealand in 1998, at which time he was a franchisee in the Wairarapa and the company, thanks to its appearances on Maggie Barry's gardening show, was seen primarily as a gardening business.

Over the past 16 years Darren's seen more than a few changes - most obviously a swing to a more house-focused business thanks to high-profile appearances on TV home makeover shows such as The Block NZ, Mitre10 Dream Home and Aussie show Our Place - but the one thing he says remains constant is the need for great customer service.

"It's all about being nice to people. When someone first starts off with Hire-A-Hubby they spend two weeks training in Auckland where there's a huge push on teaching them how to treat people well: building conversations, gaining trust, listening to people."

And with that trust comes an acceptance from Hire-A-Hubby customers that they're getting good value for money.

"Our main money-spenders are the 40-65 age bracket. The kids have grown up, they've maybe both got incomes and can afford to do stuff to their houses but want their free time for themselves.

"The over 65s are more of a grudge-buy. They were brought up doing it themselves and are maybe frustrated that they can't any more.

"The younger couples from 25 to 40 tend to want us to do jobs of necessity. They've bought a home, they've got mortgages to pay... it tends to be urgent work around the home."

Darren has also seen a growth in the amount of commercial work that Hire-A-Hubby does around New Zealand. As well as Housing New Zealand work and work for the court system, the company is also getting calls to help small business owners fix problems around their shops and offices.

"We definitely do more commercial work. It has grown to be around 50-50, percentage-wise with our residential work now," he says.

So whether you are fitting blinds around your home or your business, and you're not sure whether you have the time to spare or the skills necessary to get the job done perfectly, NZ Blinds now has a simple and worry-free solution through their partnership with Hire-A-Hubby.