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Why blinds are purr-fect for pet-owners...
26 June 2014
Why blinds are purr-fect for pet-owners...

OK, there's no simple way to put this, but cats and dogs and blinds have had a pretty rough past.

You only need to scan the usual funny-pet-photo websites for some hilarious ways moggies have mangled their owners' venetian blinds or their pooch has packed a sad and taken it out on the rollerblind.

But, with a little forethought, you can choose exactly the right window treatment for your pet-friendly home.

1) Verticals. The main issue with pets and blinds is that, when they're down, your inquisitive furry friend can't keep an eye on the outside. Vertical blinds let your little critter them to just nose them out of the way without having to resort to the claws.

2) Roller blinds. As well as being easy to clean if your pet is prone to moulting, you can make sure your roller blind is not pulled all the way to the bottom so they can take a peek outside when they want to. Choosing an option which fixes in place when pulled down rather than having a hanging chain is also a good idea to make sure your pet doesn't get tangled up or injured. If you do have a chain, make sure it's secured to the side wall rather than hanging down to where a pet could reach.

3) Faux wood or wooden venetians. An inquisitive or slightly naughty pet will make short work of aluminium venetian blinds but something a little more substantial is less likely to get damaged. The wider the slat the less chance your pet will ruin them. Wood and faux wood also have the added bonus of being easy to clean so you don't have to worry about pet hair clogging them up. However you choose to decorate your home you will have to take your pet into consideration. Curtains will attract hair and fur, and will always offer too tempting a climbing frame for a frustrated kitten or puppy. Which makes blinds the ideal solution - just as long as you think through your options.