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Why blinds work well for children...
27 June 2014
Why blinds work well for children...

1) They can be colourful and playful. Your son likes astronauts and dinosaurs but your daughter likes princesses, fairytales and ponies; let's face it, there's nowhere on earth where you're going to be able to satisfy all their requests with curtain fabrics! So that's where designer roller blinds come in. Simply choose your own images and we'll do the rest. There are a few things you might need to take into consideration such as file size, copyright and resolution but we'll email you a pdf of what the image will look like on the blind before we go ahead with manufacture to make sure you're happy with the look. Children's bedrooms are often turned into play areas so they are great places to decorate in their own styles - but of course this can cost a fortune. Using designer roller blinds as a centre piece or even over skylights for a "secret surprise" is a relatively inexpensive way to turn a room into a castle, alien planet or deep, dark jungle... without having to learn a whole new set of DIY skills!

2) They're a healthy option. A well-lit and well-aired home is a healthy home, and nothing lets you control how well lit and aired your rooms are like well-fitted blinds. The National Asthma Council Australia recommends venetian blinds or roller blinds rather than heavy curtains to avoid the dust mites which can cause asthma in children and NZ Blinds has a full range of easy-to-clean wood or faux wood venetian blinds to make sure your home is as healthy as possible to bring up children.

3) Safety first. Loose cords can be a hazard around the home so it's important to make sure they're not hanging over or near cots, or can be reached easily by inquisitive little hands or by children climbing on furniture to look out of windows. When fitting blinds there are plenty of options to ensure they are child friendly, most importantly you can fix any looped chain to a side wall to keep it fully tensioned. There's more information at Safekids Aotearoa.