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Why blinds work well in rental properties...
28 July 2014
Why blinds work well in rental properties...

1) Cost.

Your primary concern with a rental property is to make sure you're getting a good return on your investment. It makes sense then to make sure you're getting the best value for money from all of your choices for the interiors.

NZ Blinds offers the perfect one-stop shop to dress all your properties' windows whether they're in the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms or living rooms. And if you're having to kit out a flat, house, or a number of properties, blinds offer an inexpensive variety of options (from vertical blinds, roller blinds, aluminium venetians and wood or faux wood) to suit whichever style you are going for.

2) Style.

Although it's your property, you know that your tenants are going to want to stamp their own "look" on their home. Blinds offer a great neutral look to show off your property in a clean, minimal light, while not imposing the type of cluttered look which curtains often bring.

3) Easy.

From the moment you measure up yourself for your rental property's windows, you're in total control with NZ Blinds. Our easy to use guide lets you order in volume and you can be certain of great delivery and quality.

Fitting the blinds is simple but we have the perfect partnership with Hire-A-Hubby if you feel your time is better spent doing something else. Once they're up, you can also rest assured that your blinds are a simple and effective way to dress your tenants' windows - and that your tenants will be able to keep them clean easily.

4) Healthy.

The New Zealand environment, especially in the cooler months, can be quite damp and damp homes can have a detrimental effect on people's health. The media is often full of horror stories about tenants complaining about poor-quality homes.

The range of blinds allows you to ensure your property offers a healthy place for your tenants to live: thermal blinds can help with insulation, venetians can offer screening from glare while also allowing air to circulate, and all blinds offer easy-to-clean ways to cover windows to avoid the sort of dust and allergen-collecting which can lead to asthma.