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Child's Play - Great Blinds Ideas for Decorating Kids' Rooms
18 September 2014
Child's Play - Great Blinds Ideas for Decorating Kids' Rooms

Children's rooms aren't just for sleeping. They can quite easily turn into adventure playgrounds, jungle-gyms, fairytale castles, alien landscapes, racetracks, soccer pitches or schools for wizards.

Of course a large amount of the decoration needed to keep up with this ever-changing environment (unless of course you're a dab-hand with a paintbrush and nailgun and have an endless supply of MDF) is found between your kids' ears in the form of imagination. But a little help from Mum and Dad doesn't always go amiss and you can be sure that a themed bedroom will be greeted with a pretty wide smile.

Now the weather is improving, it's a great time to sit down with your kids and work out how they might want to redecorate their room for the summer!

There's plenty of inspiration out there. With the World Cup Football this year, you might like to consider a football theme: a favourite player or team. Or for a more New Zealand theme, there's always the All Blacks - although you might want to liven up the colour scheme!

Kids' rooms are big business these days and the internet means mums, dads and kids can easily scan websites such as Pinterest or Houzz and then order in furniture to suit their scheme.

This means some stores are having to go to great lengths to attract people in off the street. This concept US store even has giant dinosaurs and a knight in shining armour in an attempt to drag in the punters.

New Zealand's global position means freight is often expensive and time-consuming if you do want something extra special - and our DIY mentality means we also like to attack home decoration ourselves, rather than forking out the big bucks for someone else to.

So here's a few simple ways to turn your kid's room into an inspirational play area.

1) A secret hideaway.

Who hasn't turned their bed, or their mum's drying rack, or the dining room table, into a den? Kids' rooms may not be particularly large, but there's always a way to separate off a "secret" section - maybe under a raised bed, or by hanging vertical blinds in a corner, or by converting an old desk George Costanza-style.

2) A cool bed.

OK, a whole giant birds nest might be a little over-the-top, but once you've got an idea, it pays to run with it - you never know what you might come up with. The basic bed has to be comfy and healthy, but there's no end to the fun you can have with backboards, drapes and coloured linen.

3) Windows.

NZ Blinds has the perfect option to turn a simple, everyday window into a great centrepiece for a child's bedroom: designer roller blinds. Absolutely anything goes - you find the image or pattern (just make sure you own the copyright) and we'll make sure it looks great on your new rollerblind. It might even save you having to paint that giant Spongebob mural that your kid's been wanting!

We have a few designs on our website to choose from which might satisfy those with who like animals or cartoons, but there's plenty of other royalty free images out there on the web to choose from (try, or for starters).

Even if there isn't a specific theme to your kid's bedroom, you can still have fun with designer blinds. Why not use a photo of your favourite summer holiday beach so whenever you pull the blinds down in winter, you can dream of those long, hot summer days? Or if your kid's an adventurous sort, why not find a photo which turns a window into a door into a different dimension? For an added twist you can even add a blind to a skylight - maybe with constellations or planets on it?

NZ Blinds has designer roller blinds in regular, thermal or sunscreen options so you can choose what's best for your kid's room.

Firing up your kid's imagination is extremely important. It's something most parents pick as vital to a child's development, but it's also often something which is left out or down on the list of priorities at school or in busy home schedules.

And the benefit to children of a developed imagination doesn't necessarily mean they're going to turn into a painter or actor - it might just mean they develop a great creative mind and turn into a self-starting business owner or big company CEO.

There are plenty of websites devoted to fostering a child's imagination but you can get a good headstart by giving them their own space to develop. And by choosing a few cool decorating ideas you can really help them feel like that space is truly their own