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Ten Good Reasons Why You Should Order New Blinds Today
3 September 2014
Ten Good Reasons Why You Should Order New Blinds Today

You might be on the point of replacing your old curtains and blinds but aren't quite sure. So which of these personas do you fit..

1) "My blinds and curtains are just outdated."

There's nothing worse than old curtains to clutter up a room, or old-fashioned blinds to give your home that dated feel. Roller blinds can give a crisp, clean and minimal look to a room, or maybe mix metal and wooden venetian blinds for that hipster-industrial look that's so in vogue.

2) "My old blinds and curtains have become too hard to clean."

There comes a time when curtain stains are there to stay or old blkinds have simply had their day. New blinds will have new UV coating to prevent fading and you'll be able to start a new regular cleaning and dusting regime to make sure your blinds stand the test of time.

3) "My blinds are beyond repair."

Whether through wear, tear or frustrated cleaning, it may simply be that your old blinds and curtains have come to the end of their use-by date. Refitting new blinds is an affordable way to spruce up your windows.

4) "We want to use a room in a new way."

If you're converting a storage room into a bedroom you'll want to think about using blackout blinds. Equally, if you're spending more time in an office or living room, it makes sense to fit sunshades to give you that extra option between sunshine or closed curtains.

5) "My blinds and curtains don't fit properly."

So you moved into a new house or apartment and wanted to save money by taking your old curtains and blinds with you. It made sense at the time because you wanted to keep your cash to get the best home possible. Now you're settled though, why not give your new home the facelift it deserves - not to mention blinds which fit your windows perfectly.

6) "We've got new pets and/or children."

Let's face it, long curtains don't fit with kittens or puppies and long sidewinder chains can be a health hazard for young kids. If you've got new arrivals in your home, it might be time to consider fitting out your windows in a new way.

7) "We want a whole new look."

If you're willing to experiment then why not consider dividing a room with vertical blinds? Or choosing a customised design for a rollerblind to create a bold, central feature?

8) "My blinds and curtains have become difficult to operate."

Rooms change and furniture changes, sometimes meaning curtains get trapped behind sofas, blinds become too heavy to lift or side-winding chains become hard to reach. Now's the time to rethink your blinds and make sure you're getting full use of your windows.

9) "My old blinds and curtains don't match anything else."

The trouble with wall-to-wall home makeover shows on TV is that we're forever changing bits and pieces of our homes. But if you've created a mix-and-match look throughout your home you can easily bring it all back together again by choosing a consistent theme with blinds.

10) "We want a simple way to change our home."

NZ Blinds offers an easy, self-measuring service with a simple quote-guide on our website and a full range of styles. But if you can't see yourself fitting your blinds we have a great partnership with Hire-A-Hubby to make sure you get the perfect new look for your windows.