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How to Take Care of Your New Roller and Wooden Blinds
15 May 2014
How to Take Care of Your New Roller and Wooden Blinds

From the moment your new blinds are delivered to your door it's important you take the best care of them you can - this way, you'll get the maximum value and lifespan out of them.

Here are a few simple steps to make sure you keep your blinds in top condition from box to window:

1) Make sure you take all staples out of cardboard packaging before sliding out the blinds - you'd be surprised how many blinds are damaged by a sharp, exposed staple.

2) When using a knife to unbundle a number of blinds which have been packaged together, make sure you pull the tape well clear of blinds before cutting to avoid nicks or scrapes.

3) Keep everything clean before you assemble your blinds. Keep the clear plastic sleeves on, wash your hands and don't rest any material on or near newspaper or dirty surfaces. Dirt and ink are easily transferred to blinds and are often extremely difficult to remove.

4) Check and double-check you've got exactly what you ordered. Make sure you've got the right style, colour and quantity, you've got the appropriate brackets, and your blinds have arrived in perfect condition.

Once you've got your blinds in place here's a quick check-list to make sure they stay in pristine condition:

1) Dust aluminium, wood or fauxwood blinds regularly with a lambswool or anti-static duster, or alternatively use a drapery attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

2) For heavier work, you can use detergents or white vinegar on aluminium or fauxwood blinds but you should use only a slightly damp cloth on wood.

3) Rollerblinds can be spot-cleaned with a just-damp cloth - but remember to avoid coloured cloths which could stain your blind and use solvent-free cleaners.

4) As well as dabbing at slight stains with a just-damp cloth, vertical blinds can be soaked in a tub (see our guide here: and the tracks should be cleaned regularly with a non-bleach cleaner to make sure you avoid anything which could cause sticking or bunching of the blades.

The trick to making the most of your blinds and keeping your windows looking smart and tidy is regular cleaning. Remember, a little done often avoids the need for a major overhaul, which can be pretty tricky.