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Prepare for Summer with Thermal Blinds to Keep You Cool
22 October 2014
Prepare for Summer with Thermal Blinds to Keep You Cool

 As soon as the clocks go forward in New Zealand, we’re all looking forward to more sun, more warmth and the promise of summer just around the corner.

Spring is the season when we look to freshen up our homes with a little DIY or maybe make a fresh start with a little decorating. But whichever you choose to do, looking to install blinds  or upgrade the ones you already have is a perfect way to get started.

Spring weather

The changing seasons in New Zealand inevitably bring the double-whammy of bright, sunny days plus the occasional major storm. While winter pushes us towards picking insulating blinds for our homes and summer makes us think of cutting out the glare, spring brings out the true versatility of well-chosen blinds.

The sudden shift of the hour means that the sun is often low in the sky during the early evening, creating glare and making it pretty tough to watch Jim the weatherman’s forecasts. Venetian blinds  give you a great way to cut out the sun when you want, while still being able to let in enough warmth to cut back on the power bills.

Or try a combination of sun shades and thermal roller blinds . Even in November, there’s a fair chance that parts of the country will experience a cold snap but there’s no need to black out your whole room when the sun’s out. The sun shades will stop the glare and give you a little privacy without having to completely spoil your view.

Spring fashions

One of the peculiarities of the annual fashion calendar is that while we in the southern hemisphere are casting off the last vestiges of winter and enjoying the chance to experience a little more sunshine, those fashionistas in the northern hemisphere are also thinking about spring.

The latest round of fashion weeks may have been focused on what’s going to be cool and chic in Spring 2015 collections, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait until next year to spot the trends. And what looks great on the catwalk is sure to appear in the latest interior design catalogues.

So why not get yourself ahead of the pack by picking out the latest designs and converting them into purpose-made blinds .

According to fashion website, the traditional gingham look is making a major comeback as “street-style-worthy”, which makes it a potential centrepiece to any youngster’s hangout or bedroom, or even a well-chosen highlight to a kitchen or living room. The same website has also picked “out-of-the-ordinary” animal prints – so it’s time to trawl the website for images of seahorses, chameleons and creepy-crawlies to make a bold statement in any room. said au revoir to Paris Fashion Week with a rundown of the top three fabrics for spring 2015: sheer, denim and suede. Yes, sheer is difficult to pull off in interior design – although NZBlinds’ sunshades might just do the trick – but finding designs for denim and suede and having them custom-made for your rollerblinds is simple.

And there may even be a place for that most often rejected style of blind – the aluminium venetian – after showed how metallic materials are back on trend.

Spring cleaning

This time of year usually prompts even the most slovenly of Kiwis into dashing around with a duster or de-cluttering their living room. And of course the internet is abuzz with rules to live with less mess at this time of year.

But a sure-fire hit when it comes to stress less about your mess and keep your rooms clean and tidy is to ditch your drapes in favour of blinds. As well as being so much easier to clean than heavy curtains and less likely to harbour all the nasties which can cause allergies, you’ll find that the beautiful crisp design of wooden, aluminium or faux wood venetians ; the functional simplicity and clean lines of roller blinds ; or the neatness of vertical blinds , will instantly transform a room.

And once you’ve got your stylish new look for your windows, you might even find you don’t need to get stuck in to a more hardcore springclean!

For those who have already got their home decked out in blinds, spring is the perfect season to make sure that you’re keeping on top of their wear and tear. Although it’s important to remember that cleaning a-little-and-often is the perfect way to keep blinds in full working order, once a year it’s a good idea to check them thoroughly.

If your venetians need some heavy cleaning, you can use detergents or white vinegar on aluminium or faux wood but use only a damp cloth on wood (for more information, visit our how-to guide .

Roller blinds can be removed, washed and dried if necessary (there are a couple of good how-to guides here and here, but remember to avoid coloured cleaning cloths and use solvent-free detergents. And NZ Blinds has a great step-by-step guide to cleaning vertical blinds.