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Roller Blinds Custom-Printed With Festive Motifs
15 December 2014
Roller Blinds Custom-Printed With Festive Motifs

Christmas doesn’t so much creep up on us in New Zealand as pounce on us from out of the mayhem of school holidays, longer more sociable evenings and the need to wrap up work projects before the regular January shutdown. But among all the chaos of present-buying and Christmas parties, it’s worth spending a second or two on how fitting out your home with a new set of blinds might help your holiday season go with a swing.


There’s always someone in the street who spends a small fortune on singing santas, flashing red-nosed reindeer and seasonal snowmen, but this festive-mad decorator in the UK has gone one step further by using his window blinds as a projection screen for Christmas-themed videos; last year he won a regional competition for his decorations, and this year he’s upped his game with more videos (including songs from Frozen)… check out his video here for tips on how to use blinds to bring your home to life with seasonal cheer.

Of course, all-singing-all-dancing window displays aren’t for everyone – but there’s no reason why you can’t bring colour to your windows with custom-designed roller blinds. The extra keen Kiwi Christmas kings and queens can go overboard with images of elves and the jolly fatman – but those may look a little out of place once the 12 days of Christmas are over and done with. But why not try some typically Kiwi designs such as pohutakawa trees in full bloom, or beach and bach scenes… heaps of us will have photos of our favourite holiday spots, so why not transfer them on to a cust-made blind so you can enjoy the memory all year round.


It’s a harsh reality of the summer season, but while the majority of us are out and about having fun and enjoying the best of the weather, a small minority are set on using the season of good will for more nefarious activities.

The double-whammy of great weather meaning we’re spending more time than usual outdoors and are often trying to keep our homes cool by leaving windows open, coupled with the temptation of Christmas presents under the tree makes this a time to be extra cautious about burglars.

Neighbourhood Support New Zealand has some great tips to keep your home secure over the festive period, but there are also a number of ways in which fitting blinds can help too.

1. Sun shades and venetian blinds are a great way to keep out prying eyes without having to pull the curtains. Drawn curtains are often a sign that homeowners are away, whereas blinds keep what’s inside private, without making the house look deserted.

2. Leaving your windows open is asking for trouble – especially if you’re not at home. Burglars are often opportunistic and don’t much like having to smash glass to get it – but at the height of summer, the temperature often means that you’d rather have a cool breeze running through your home. The answer can be fitting sunshades and/or insulating roller blinds to your windows to cut out the harsh light which heats a room – then if you’re heading out, you don’t have to go around the house trying to remember which windows you left open.

3. Timers on lights and radios are a great way to make your home look occupied even when you’ve gone away for the weekend. But if you’ve got lights going on and off and music playing behind closed curtains – or if your curtains are always open, you’re probably not fooling anyone. Any form of blind – vertical, venetian or roller – is a perfect way to put doubt into a would-be burglar’s mind about whether someone’s home. And a light going on and off behind a blind is a sure-fire way to keep them guessing and looking for an alternative target.

Keeping out the light, heat and pests

While we all pine for summer during the long, dark wintry months, it often brings with it are few annoyances – mostly of the buzzing and biting variety.

Keeping out mosquitoes will help you sleep better at night and mean you’ve got a bolthole during that barbeque when you and your guests have had quite enough of the pesky little critters and all your critronellla candles have run out. Good-fitting blinds are a great way to keep mosquitoes out of your home – just make sure you measure up properly and you ought to have a way to keep the buzzing at bay without having to sit in a stifling hot room with no through breeze.

During the daytime, the major pest around the home (other than the kids facing yet another week of school holiday) is glare – it can bleach your furniture, damage your eyes and cause havoc when you’re trying to catch up with the weather forecast on the 6 o’clock news. The simplest solution to cutting out the glare without having to pull heavy drapes every time the sun shifts around to another window, is to have your windows fitted with easy-to-manage blinds. They can be as stylish or as plain as you want – or if you’re thinking ahead, why not try the combination of sun shades and thermal roller blinds which gives you total year-round protection from glare while also meaning you can keep control of the temperature around your home without spending a small fortune on aircon in the summer and heating in the winter.

Spare rooms and baches

There’s no such thing as a quiet Christmas. You might feel like just sitting down together with a relaxing glass of something chilled, but chances are that you’ll have to put up with out-of-town rellies, an extended family trip to the bach or a barbeque that goes on so late that you’re left with stragglers staying over.

That’s when that spare room where you’ve been stashing your old exercise equipment and embarrassing music collection comes into its own. And decorating it up as a spare bedroom doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – for sure, you’ll have to splash out on a decent bed (great aunt Elsie won’t thank you for putting her on a fold-out couch) but why go the lengths of fitting and hanging curtains when you can use NZ Blinds’ simple online service to get a quote for the room, measure up and have your blinds delivered to your door.

And if you’re thinking about heading away to your holiday home this summer, what could be simpler than throwing away those old mildewed curtains and fixing up the bach with blinds. The sky’s the limit for how you decide to decorate thanks to custom-designed roller blinds, and whether you choose vertical, venetian or roller blinds, they’re supper easy to keep clean – just the thing in that salty sea air and with all that sand being traipsed in from the beach.