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Tips to use blinds to make your rental properties hassle-free
2 February 2015
Tips to use blinds to make your rental properties hassle-free

Your first aim is to maximise your returns on rental properties – bottom line, this is a business not a charity.

So you don’t want to be spending your time (ie your money) on having to constantly renovate or touch up the way your rental property is decorated, and you don’t want to create a home or commercial building which is hard to sell to potential renters.

Here’s our quick guide to making sure you’ve kitted out your home to maximise your returns:

  1. Don’t decorate for yourself: If you’ve got a three or four-bedroom house, kit it out for a family, if it’s a single bedroom flat make it flash and functional for a single occupant or couple - and don’t choose a range of glitzy fittings and fixtures just because you’d like them in your home. Roller blinds and venetian blinds are a great neutral look for rooms – and they do the job perfectly without stamping the landlord’s signature all over what will ultimately be someone else’s home.
  2. Choose function over style every time: A single word: mould. It should strike fear into every landlord’s heart and is one of the major causes of serious conflict with tenants. Wherever possible, choose fixtures and fittings which are easy to clean and which keep damp to a minimum. Faux timber venetians and aluminium venetians are the perfect solution for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms because they are easy to clean and don’t fester and get mouldy. Having sunshades in living spaces also allows your tenants to keep their windows open whatever the weather to ensure the type of through breeze which will stop mould growing on walls and destroying decent paint jobs.
  3. Focus on durability: When you’re kitting out your house, apartment or commercial building you need to be thinking long-term – it’s no use saving a few cents on setup just to field calls down the line from angry tenants dealing with issues caused by shoddy fittings. NZBlinds has a full range of blinds to suit every solution and they will stand the test of time. Blinds are easy to keep clean and they also help protect furniture and furnishings from sun damage.
  4. Spend money wisely: If it’s all about a return on your investment, then you need to budget intelligently. There are a few corners which should never be cut such as good quality carpets and flooring, paint, tiles and bathroom fittings. But when it comes to blinds, it pays to be smart where you shop. NZBlinds’ online store cuts out all those overheads to get you the best deal for your rental property – you measure up, order and fit the blinds and we’ll make sure they’re the perfect fit for what you want.