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Smart Marketing: Alternative Ways to Promote a Business
16 February 2015
Smart Marketing: Alternative Ways to Promote a Business

It’s all very well having a great idea, the perfect set-up and a wonderfully trained and eager staff, but your business is never going to sell itself. That’s where smart advertising comes in.

In this social media-dominated world, there’s a host of great online solutions to getting your message out there, but there’s also a far broader spectrum of word-of-mouth advertising and marketing.

Simply put, if you can make an impression and a customer is willing to sing your praises on social media, then you’ll reap rewards far in excess of a quarter-page in a newspaper.

So here’s a few ideas in which you can use NZBLinds to help spread your message:

  1. Window displays: If you’ve got a store or office with a roadside frontage, why not use NZBlinds’ customized designer roller blinds as a way to make a real impression. Any form of photo can be turned into a blind to help sell your company’s story – try historical photos, or staff photos, or images of popular products. And by having them as blinds rather than permanent window displays they can still be cleaned and raised, or replaced for special occasions.
  2. Branding: Nothing fixes in a customer’s mind better than a well-designed logo – so if you have one which you’re proud of, it pays to stamp it wherever you can. Designer roller blinds can carry your company logo and can be used on the inside or outside of blinds (many work spaces where employees use computer screens will find they have to install blinds to cut out on the glare) to reinforce the brand. Roller blinds are also the perfect solution to fit on office doors and meeting room windows for privacy – so why not make sure you get them branded too. Because you can measure up and order in bulk via the NZBlinds online store, it’s also easy to have your blinds customized to your requirements.
  3. Trade stands: There’s nothing worse than a boring trade stall or stand when you’re trying to stand out from the crowd. If you’re running a marketing department or just trying to sell your own small business to the world, then a series of customized roller blinds are a great solution to give a colourful and professional look.