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Control Light with Venetian Blinds and Wooden Blinds
1 March 2015
Control Light with Venetian Blinds and Wooden Blinds

Unique New Zealand conditions such as harsh UV light and glare mean it’s important to dress your home’s windows with easy-to-control blinds. Classic venetian blinds, sunshades or heavy duty blackout blinds are easy to measure up and fit yourself and put you in control of how you use natural lighting around your home – for example try doubling up sunshades and blackout blinds in living areas so you can choose to cut that annoying glare on television or computer screens, or have complete privacy.

And once you’re in charge of how much light you let into your rooms, you will also find you’re protecting your furniture and furnishings from sun damage as well as regulating the temperature in your rooms without having to turn up the dial on heaters or air con.

NZ Blinds puts you in control of your home’s style and functionality. Our simple online store allows you to measure up, order and fit a range of blinds to suit every room in your house or business as well as giving you a superb range of solutions to suit every taste. As well as sleek and functional venetians and vertical blinds, we also tailor-make a range of roller blinds and can customise print designs to suit anything from a child’s bedroom to a corporate boardroom.