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Latest Trends for Roller Blinds and Vertical Blinds
2 April 2015
Latest Trends for Roller Blinds and Vertical Blinds

Although roller blinds, wooden or aluminium venetian blinds and vertical blinds have a timeless style to them, there are always new trends to which they can be introduced.

Here’s our guide to how you can get NZ Blinds to help you stay bang on fashion.

Exotic India

Indian fashion has been at the forefront of style over the past few months thanks to the emergence of vintage style Indian jewellery on the Oscars and Golden Globe red carpets and a Sydney exhibition called Unfolding, which promises to bring a bit of Bollywood chic into homes in Australia and New Zealand. Why not jump ahead of the game by finding some great old Indian sari designs or textile prints and have them customised on to a roller blind – there are literally hundreds of years’ worth of patterns to choose from and they’re sure to bring a bit of colour and style to any room.

Child’s play

When it comes to designs which are guaranteed to be crowd-pleasers for the kids you should look no further than the world of movies – hi-tech animation companies have done all the hard work for you in designing some of the coolest superheroes, princesses, monsters, cartoon critters and even barnyard animals. Simply find a good large wallpaper-style download from your kid’s favourite film and have it made up into a customised roller blind. The latest cool movies to choose from include Shaun the Sheep, from the makers of Wallace and Grommet; DreamWorks’ latest offering Home, which starred The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons and pop goddess Rihanna and featured a wonderfully cute race of purple aliens; Disney’s sixth incarnation of its Tinker Bell films is a must for all would-be princesses; and the second Spongebob movie is bound to rekindle this juggernaut of a film franchise.

How to choose colour

The New Zealand Herald recently interviewed Designworx’s Amanda Neill about colour trends saying the “x-factor” came from understanding colour trends and then choosing how you can tie your rooms together. Amanda pointed out that when you’re moving in to a new home with existing furniture then you can choose smaller items to help make “non-matching elements work together” – blinds are an ideal, cost-effective way to do this as you can be sure that NZ Blinds will have a consistent colour and style across your rooms. According to Amanda, colour trends are constantly evolving – for example, colour palettes shifted as a result of 9/11. “It was a scary time and we wanted to be cocooned in grey-greens, which we found reassuring. Next, we moved into a sustainability phase, with earthy colours. In the recession, colours were sombre and now, in an economic growth phase, bright colours are all the rage. If you're stuck in the 9/11 era with grey-greens your house will look dated.”