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Three Reasons Why It IS Better to Do it Yourself
25 March 2015
Three Reasons Why It IS Better to Do it Yourself

When you’re looking to fit vertical, Venetian or roller blinds, NZ Blinds is the perfect site to visit because it lets you keep your DIY cred while finding an expert to complete all the really tough stuff.

Of course, there’s great cash savings to be made by choosing to measure up and fit blinds yourself, but we also reckon the world has become the sort of place where those who are willing to do it yourself are really on trend.

So here’s our three top reasons why it’s good to DIY:

1. There was a time when the phrase do-it-yourself conjured up the image of a tough old fellow with a shed-load of tools and less-than-scintillating barroom conversation – either that or an aged community made up of macramé and crochet fanatics. But research has shown that Generation Y – also known at the Millennials and aged between 18 and 35 – are seriously keen to work with companies and “co-create” the way they live. NZ Blinds has already shown how you can reap rewards for your own creativity by teaming up with our designers when we worked with artist Jan Simmons to create bespoke roller blinds for an interior design project. If you’re the sort of person who wants to put their own stamp on where you live, why not take a leaf out of Jan’s book and come up with a unique print. You never know, you could end up creating a new interior design business.

2. As well as being able to create your own look and style by embracing DIY projects, you can also create something which you can show off – and that’s an increasingly important aspect of life thanks to social media. Whether you’re pinning something on Pinterest, posting on Instagram or tweeting to your followers, the internet has become the go-to place to show off your skills. Pinterest is dedicated to letting people brag about their projects – which has also made it a go-to site for people looking for inspiration. And that means that your DIY project with NZ Blinds has the potential to become the next big thing on the world-wide-web.

3. If you’re the sort of person who isn’t scared to measure up for your own blinds and then fit them once they’ve been ordered from NZ Blinds, then you might want to have a look at the new trend of colour-coordination apps.  According to this article in the New Zealand Herald, you can pay up to $150 an hour for an interior designer to give advice on the latest trends and the most popular colours. But paint manufacturers like Resene and Dulux have smartphone and desktop apps which let you upload images of your room and then test different colours on it. Better Homes and garden’s Colour-a-Home app lets you see different colour combinations on a range of house styles.