Cleaning Vertical Blinds

It is often asked how vertical blinds can be cleaned in the home using common house materials.

By following these easy step-by-step instructions, you too will be cleaning vertical blinds without the cost of sending them out.

you will need

  • Gentle laundry soaker i.e. Napisan
  • We also recommend using a liquid house detergent or carpet cleaning fluid which has a fragrance and may be obtained from your local carpet cleaner.  You will only need to buy one litre to clean a 3 to 4 bedroom house full of vertical blinds
    Note:  This is for fragrance only and is optional as the Napisan is adequate on its own for cleaning purpose.
  • Nail Brush
  • Step Ladder
  • Medium sized bucket
  • Old towels or a drop sheet
  • Tub or bath

Remove blades for cleaning Adjust the blades into the open position.  Using the pull cord, ensure all of the blades are bunched together.

The blades are connected to the tracking system by a top hanger inserted into the blade.  Gently lift the top of the blade to release from the carrier which is a hook that hangs down from the tracking system.
Note:  Do not use undue force to remove the blade from the carrier as this may cause the hook or peg to break

Continue removing all of the blades in sequence

It is important to hold the blades bunched together while removing them.

Once the blades have been removed, gently fold them in half, being careful not to cause any creases in the fabric

Half fill the bath using COLD WATER only measure a 1/4 of a cup of gentle cleanser such as Napisan
Note:  Do not use bleach

At this stage, the longer the blades are left to soak, the better the result.  Recommended time is approximately 45 minutes

You will notice the colour of the water changing immediately. This is the dirt being released from the fabric.  It is surprising how much dirt can be removed using this method Most stains or marks will easily be removed whilst in the water.

While the blades are soaking, it is a good opportunity to clean the tracking system

You can do this by applying a diluted cleaning product - diluted carpet cleaning fluid or any non-bleach house hold cleaner - in a spray bottle Spray evenly along the track, then wipe off with a clean cloth

Holding the top of the blades, replace the hangers onto the carriers in sequence starting from the back carrier working towards the front

Note:  It is important that the carriers are placed in the open position

Different fabrics

Polyester blockout blades are best wiped starting from the top down to the bottom.  Wipe each set dry straight after hanging them up

Fabric, stitch-bond or fibreglass blades should be left to drip dry stretched across the window opening helping them to air and dry faster

Depending on the thickness of fabric, blades will take approximately 30-45 minutes to dry